TREE POPPER PRODUCT CODE PLTPS Small PLTPM Medium PLTPL Large 26 61 REVEGETATION AND TREE PLANTING This unique tool is ideal for instant removal of woody weeds and is a popular alternative to stem scrape and cut or poison methods of weed control. Excellent durability and ease of use, a favourite with owner operator’s and volunteers alike. Grasps weed at the base of the stem and pulls the whole plant out of the ground using a lever principle. The large tree popper has the equivalent pulling power of 10 times the weight of the operator. 3 sizes are available. The small tree popper is the best tool for removing lots of small seedlings. POTTIPUTKI TREE PLANTER PRODUCT CODE PT45 45mm PT55 55mm PT63 63mm PT75 75mm The worlds leading tree planting tool, developed over 25 years of tree planting experience. Made in Finland from high strength steel, they are ergonomically designed to achieve maximum planting rates with minimum planter stress. Features a double spring trigger closing mechanism and adjustable jaws for depth of planting. Available in 4 different tube diameters. DURALEX BLACK PAINT Product Code D14010 Duralex Black Paint is a trade quality interior/exterior black acrylic ideal for painting timber tree stakes. Very economically priced. Available in 10 litre drums. REGEN SMOKEMASTER Product Code RGS10 Used to promote germination in smoke-responsive species of native plants. Simply apply to seed trays, seeds or bushland soil, it breaks the dormancy and results in remarkable germination rates. Also ensures greater uniformity of germination and healthier seedling growth. Available in 10 litre containers. TREE STAKE DRIVER Product Code ESD65 This heavy duty 65mm diameter square steel driver is designed for use on 38 x 38mm and 50 x 50mm tree stakes. Powder coated bright red to prevent loss in the field. Length 800mm. HAMILTON TREE PLANTER Product Code HTP505 This robust tool is used for planting tube stock grown in 50mm square forestry tubes. The hollow dibble extracts a plug of soil the correct size for the seedling to be planted. Various styles to suit different size tube stock are available on request. be planted. Various styles to suit DURALEX BLACK PAINT HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU