62 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY STRATAGREEN TREE PLANTING MATTOCK Product Code TPMP BUSHPRO PLANTING SPADES Ultra light and very fast professional tree planting spades, with very strong blades made from polised stainless steel with kickers flush with the back of the blade. Weighs only 1.4kg. The original Peter Lever, used by bush regenerators for chopping, digging, crowning and hacking weeds such as Lantana and Asparagus Fern. The ‘blade’ is made from recycled leaf spring suspension for superior strength and temper. A compact tool for planting tube stock fitted with a timber handle. Now with pointed end removed for safety. PLANTING BAG SYSTEM Product Code PBS565 2-bag planting bag harness system for carrying seedlings while planting. Constructed of very strong and hard wearing PE canvas. Shoulder harness and hip belt are padded and distribute weight between shoulders and hips for comfort. Bag size 30cm diameter x 38cm deep. Total weight 850g. Made in Australia. Product Code PC290 PETER LEVER PRODUCT CODE PLL Large, 2.2kg, 87cm long PLS Small, 1.45kg, 58cm long Heavy duty kidney shaped tray suitable for carrying tube stock while planting. Includes a comfortable waist and shoulder strap. Twin bucket configura- tions are also available. Size - 46cm L x 30cm W x 20cm D. Enables the user to dramatically increase hourly planting rates by carrying up to 4 Hiko trays or 2 Lannen side slot cell trays. Also suitable for wide variety of other cell trays. Optional shoulder harness now available to balance load between shoulder and hips. Made in Australia. KIDNEY PLANTING BUCKET PRODUCT CODE KPB Single Bucket Harness KPB2 Twin Bucket Harness This light comfortable trowel is die-cast from solid aluminium. This is the standard trowel for bush regeneration. EKOTEK ALLOY TROWEL Product Code GTLTA POTTIPUTKI PLANTING BELT Product Code PPB377