68 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BENTOSHIELD™ GEOSYNTHETIC CLAY LINERS FUNCTIONS SERVED BY BENTOSHIELD™ GCL FAST SEALING SHEAR RESISTANCE SELF MENDING PROPERTIES GAS CONTAINMENT BentoShield™ Geosynthetic Clay Liner (or GCL) is a geosynthetic, hydro- insulation barrier consisting of a needle-punched reinforced composite, which combines two durable geotextile outer layer sencapsulating a uniform core of premium quality sodium bentonite clay. BentoShield™ replaces all traditional mineral sealing. Better type, economy and environmental friendliness of the most significant criteria urging the application of the BentoShield™ solution. Since BentoShield™ contains the highest quality sodium bentonite, an immediate swelling following installation is ensured to safely self-seal any unexpected mechanical damages. Also, because of its immense elongation capacity, BentoShield™ shows a long-term adjustment to earth deformation, such as differential settlements. Steep slope applications are easily accommodated by BentoShield™. A unique fibre-bonding process locks the needle-punched fibres into place creating high internal shear strength with unsurpassed creep resistance. BentoShield™ also addresses the often critical issue of the interface friction angles. The mechanically bonded non-woven geotextile provides the shear resistance necessary for even the most demanding applications. This fibre reinforcement also prevents lateral migration of the bentonite. BentoShield™ is clearly superior to conventional compacted clay liners. The bentonite clay utilised in the BentoShield™ GCL swells in limited layers of space creating an extraordinary effective hydro-insulation seal layer. When hydrated under confinement, the bentonite swells to form a low permeability clay layer with the equivalent hydraulic protection of approximately one metre of compacted clay. BentoShield™ GCL’s are an effective barrier against liquids, vapours and gases. Strong and durable fibres from the upper non-woven geotextile are needle-punched through the layer of bentonite and incorporated into the lower geotextile. This encapsulates and protects the layer of sodium bentonite, ensuring its long-term performance. This also provides high resistance against high shear stresses caused by long steep slopes in landfills or tailing dams. Within BentoShield™ GLC, the sodium bentonite clay is confined vertically by the thermally locked geotextile layers, but can swell laterally around a puncture, hole or protrusion - a crucial feature when considering leakage from any installation damage. BentoShield™ GLC’s are used in conjunction with gas collection systems to prevent the migration of gasses from landfills or containment sites.