70 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY FILTERMAXX™ GEOTEXTILE Product Code FM2050 FilterMaxx™ filtration geotextile is supplied on a handy 2m x 50m roll for easy onsite application. With its small roll size it is generally used for subsoil drainage filtration, and separation by preventing the intermixing of aggregates and soil in smaller applications. Typical applications include - retaining walls, subsoil drainage systems, rooftop gardens, planter boxes paving and garden paths. non woven geotextile TM Drainage and filtration Stabilising soil Retaining wall filtration Weed control FILT ERM AXX CONCRETE BLOCKS GRANULAR SOIL FLOW MESH PERFORATED PIPE NATURAL SOIL DRAINAGE BEHIND SEGMENTAL RETAINING WALLS PROTECTION AGAINST PERFORATION OF IMPERVIOUS SHEETING UNDERGROUND WASTE DISPOSAL AND SOAK AWAY SEPARATION STABILISATION FilterMaxx™ strengthens the base layer and prevents loss of fines into the prepared subgrade PAVING GARDEN PATHS DRAINAGE ROOF GARDENS FilterMaxx™ separates the drainage course from the top soil and prevents particles entering the outlet system FilterMaxx™ senvelopes the drain trench and improves the efficiency of the drain by holding back the fine particles of soil FilterMaxx™ prevents the natural soil from mixing with sand or gravel and reduces maintenance FilterMaxx™ ensures correct drainage and prevents risk of substance TM GRAVEL CONCRETE IMPERVIOUS SHEET FILTERMAXX TM LAWN COVER SOIL PIPE FILTERMAXX GRAVEL BASE LAYER PREPARED SUBGRADE SURFACE FILTERMAXX TM FILTERMAXX BASE LAYER PREPARED SUBGRADE BEDDING SAND PAVING BRICKS FILTERMAXX GRAVEL NATURAL SOIL LAWN TM FILTERMAXX PIPE NATURAL SOIL LAWN GRAVEL TM TM FILTERMAXX FILTERMAXX ARABLE SOIL DRAINAGE COURSE (GRAVEL) IMPERVIOUS ROOFING