COMBIGRID BIAXIAL GEOGRID 26 71 GEOSYNTHETIC AND DRAINAGE PRODUCTS BIAXIAL GEOGRID PRODUCT CODE GG2020 20kN/m GG3030 30kN/m GG4040 40kN/m UNIAXIAL GEOGRID PRODUCT CODE GG60PE2025 60kN/m PRODUCT CODE C3030Q1 30kN/m C4040Q1 40kN/m A biaxial geogrid is designed for improving the bearing capacity of an existing subgrade. They work by interlocking with the granular or soil material placed over them, thereby increasing the shear strength of the placed material. The inclusion of a Biaxial Geogrid generally permits a reduction in granular base course thickness. In some situations; there may be a requirement to increase the service life of the pavement by the inclusion of a geogrid for a fixed pavement depth. A Uniaxial geogrid is used for reinforcement of slopes and block retaining wall construction, as it is designed to withstand constant load in one direction only over a long period of time. Uniaxial Geogrid is available in a range of strengths appropriate for walls and slopes of any dimensions. The GG60PE grade uniaxial geogrid has a tensile strength of 60kN/m in one direction. Combigrid is a combination of the Secugrid with a layer of geofabric. It is used in applications of base reinforcement on a soft sub grate, and prevents the ‘pumping’ of fine materials through the large apertures of the geogrid into the granular base course materials. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU