StrataGreen 72 DRAINMAXX™ DRAINAGE CELL PRODUCT CODE TYPICAL DETAILS OF A ROOFTOP GARDEN Grass Top Soil Sand DrainMaxx™ GeoTek™ Geotextile Protection Screed Waterproofing Reinforced Concrete Deck PROPERTY Cell (mm x mm) Cell Depth (mm) Mass (kg/m2 ) Volume Void (m3 ) Service Temperature (°C) Colour Comprehensive Strength (kPa) Discharge Capacity (1/min/m) Vertical Flow Rate (1min/m) SPECIFICATIONS 600 x 500 with integral clips 30 or 52mm 2 0.027 per m2 of overall cell area (m2 ) -10 to +80 Black > 1000 > 360 @ i=0.01 > 1000 DrainMaxx™ Drainage Cell is a lightweight three dimensional geo-composite used for subsurface water management. The drainage cell polypropylene cell is moulded into a unique profile and then may be wrapped in a filtration geotextile which then provides a complete void space for the water to travel without any obstruction. Its lightweight, high compressive strength makes the product ideal for roof gardens and podium landscaping, retaining walls, sports fields and golf courses, under drains for slabs and foundations and subsurface drainage for permeable driveway and car parks. NDC30 30mm NDC52 52mm POLYDRAIN PIPING StrataGreen stocks a range of class 400 slotted Polydrain Pipe. This product is ideal for using where ‘beneath the surface’ water transportation is required. SOCKED PRODUCT CODE SIZE PLPR6520S PLPR10020S UN-SOCKED PRODUCT CODE SIZE SIZE PLPR5020 PLPR6520 50mm x 20m 65mm x 20m PLPR100100S PLPR16020S PLPR16060S PLPR100100 PLPR16020 100mm x 100m 160mm x 20m 100mm x 20m 160mm x 60m 65mm x 20m 100mm x 100m 160mm x 20m 100mm x 20m 160mm x 60m PLPR10020 PLPR16060 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY DRAINMAXX™ DRAINAGE CELL dimensional geo-composite used for drains for slabs and foundations and