26 73 DRAINMAXX™ MODULAR TANKING SYSTEM The DrainMaxx™ Modular Tanking System is widely used for subsurface Stormwater Management in any soil type. Its lightweight, strong structural design, modular nature, high void surface area and storage area of up to 90% of the excavated area makes the product ideal for underground rainwater harvesting, infiltration, attenuation tanking system for domestic and commercial applications, grass swale systems, retrofits of open - concrete channels, roadside drainage systems, gray water and septic leach fields. GEOSYNTHETIC AND DRAINAGE PRODUCTS FIRST FLUSH SILT CONTROL 600mm min LEAF GRATES OPTIONAL BENT FOR REUSE OPTIONAL OVERFLOW TO DISCHARGE DRAINMAXX MODULES WRAPPED IN GEOFABRIC GEOTEXTILE & PROLINER PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS (mm) Length Width Height Volume (ltrs) Tanks per m3 755 400 437 132 7.5 WEIGHT (kg) 2 Inner Plates 3 Inner Plates 4 Inner Plates 5 Inner Plates 6.1 6.65 7.3 7.9 MAXIMUM LOAD (Tons/m2 ) Chemically inert and not affected by Moulds and Algae 2 Inner Plates 3 Inner Plates 4 Inner Plates 5 Inner Plates - 23.66 t/m2 29.76 t/m2 32.42 t/m2 Internal Open Area Polymer Type Service Temp < 95% Polypropylene UV Stabilised -20°C - 120°C HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU