StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY TURF CELLS The concept of using reinforced rings to stablise areas of grass subject to heavy low volume traffic was developed over 25 years ago in Australia and has been quickly accepted internationally as the answer to maintaining turf in an urban environment. Grass is a living plant and requires oxygen, moisture and nutrients from the soil. If the soil is compacted, the grass is unable to obtain these necessities and therefore suffocate and dies. TURF CELLS is an injection moulded, plastic structural grid system which forms a strong base under the turf, capable of supporting truck and car loads, as well as regular pedestrian traffic. This strong base stabilises and reinforces the grass, preventing compaction and providing a luxury trafficable surface. Landscapers, Engineers and Horticulturists value Turf Cells as an economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete and asphalt. BENEFITS OF TURF CELLS Grid is flexible - will follow undulations Open grid provides over 90% root development area Chemical resistance - not affected by water, petrol, vermin, insects or extreme weather High impact, UV stabilised, long lasting plastic resists wear and tear ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Increases the green environment Reduces the need for hard surfaces Erosion Control Storm-water run-off reduced Waterway contamination reduced 100% Recycled Plastic Retention and Stabilisation of soil surfaces 74 Product Code TC1000 Correct installation of Turf Cells Private Residence Front Grassed Driveway and Extra Parking