StrataGreen 82 ENVIROSOAK LIQUID SOIL WETTER PRODUCT CODE An effective long term soil wetting agent - ideal for the treatment and prevention of hydrophobic (water repellent) soils, in lawns, garden beds and around trees. Evenly re-wets the soil and prevents water run-off. Also improves water penetration and has very low phytotoxicity. EnviroSoak can also be safely added to water containing any of Manutec’s range of soluble fertiliser, to give rich and even penetration of fertiliser into the soil. 1 Litre of EnviroSoak Concentrate treats 200-400 square metres. ELSW05 5L ELSW20 20L ELSW200 200L ELSW1000 1000L EARTHCARE WATER CRYSTALS Water Crystals are super absorbent polymers in the form of white crystals. They absorb excess water in the soil and release the water back into the plant during drought. With the ability to store up to 500 times their own weight in water, they are ideal for transplanting trees and shrubs. It will reduce transpant shock by maintaining water supply while new roots are being established. Water crystals are bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Standard bag size 20kg. Apply 1.5gm per litre of back fill soil or 1gm per 50mm tube stock. Product Code PD280 ENVIROSOAK GRANULAR SOIL WETTER EnviroSoak Granular Soil Wetter is a highly concentrated, commercial grade product ideal for the treatment of large areas of hydrophobic (water repellent) soil such as ovals and parklands. It has good soil penetration properties and excellent longetivity, lasting for up to 12 weeks in the soil. Suitable for use in all types of soils. Application rate is 35gm/sqm. Available in 20kg bags. Product Code EGSW LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY NUGREEN ZEOLITE Adding NuGreen Zeolite to sports turf and garden bed areas reduces fertiliser, leaching and irrigation requirements. It promotes rapid turf and plant establishment, assists in plant health and encourage a stronger deeper root structure. The combined benefits reduce management inputs and improves performance of your turf and garden. NuGreen Zeolite is a totally naturally occuring mineral. Mix NuGreen Zeolite at 10% v/v with sand for new construction, or at 50% v/v with sand when top dressing. Available in 30 litre/20kg bags. Product Code NZ1230L