26 89 SOIL IMPROVEMENT AND WATERING AQUALOCK WATER RETAINER PRODUCT CODE AQL001 1L AQL005 5L AQL020 20L AQL200 200L AQL1000 1000L Aqualock Retain is not simply a soil wetting agent but rather “radically new” technology designed to enhance the way plants access and use soil moisture. Aqualock contains polymers which reduce soil moisture evaporation by absorbing and storing water as microscopic droplets on root hairs, root tips and soil particles. This significantly improves the utilisation or irrigation water, light rainfall, dew and humidity at the root zone. Because plants have access to higher levels of soil moisture, moisture stress is reduced significantly. On average, the time taken for two wilt events to occur where Aqualock is used, is double that of plain water applications. Aqualock will also promote deeper water penetration and more uniform wetting by reducing the water repellency of non-wetting soils. 1 litre of Aqualock will treat 2,000 square metres. IRON CHELATE Iron is essential for plants to make chlorophyll and use nitrates. Major symptoms of iron deficiency include yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, formation of small size flowers and fruits. Severe deficiency will result in dying of new shoots and even the death of the plant itself. Iron Chelate has protection against interference of other nutrients in soil. It is highly soluble and facilities easy and quick uptake of roots to leaves. Iron Chelate is more effective than inorganic Iron Sulphate. Chelate leaves less salts in the soil and is a very effective and safe micro-nutrient. Available in 20kg carton. Product Code FE25 HIBRIX GOLD PRODUCT CODE Hibrix Gold is a yield increasing blend of two kelps, trace minerals, microbial stimulant, amino acids, vitamins coupled to a proprietary Chelator. Benefits include increased plant vitality and immune response, and an increased yield and produce quality for crops. Hibrix Gold ensures a better utilisation of the available phosphorous pool in the soil by the treated plant. Hibrix Gold is suitable for application on all plant, turf and tree species. Hibrix Gold is available in 1 litre & 20 litre containers. Larger volumes are available to order. HBG001 1L HBG020 20L WATHEROO BENTONITE CLAY PRODUCT CODE WB020 20kg WB1000 1,000kg We are now distributing the popular Watheroo Calcium Bentonite Clay, perfect for rapid, long lasting benefits for soil health, productivity and water efficiency in commercial landscapes. Bentonite is a natural clay product with no added chemicals. Bentonite Clay incorporated into sandy soils aids soil wettability, increases water holding capacity, improves nutrient retention, improves soil structure and enhances soil biological activity. Application rate is between 3-5kgs per sqm. Available in 20kg and 1 tonne bulka bags. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU