26 93 TRICH-A-SOIL BIO-INOCULANT A bio-inoculant containing specially selected local strains of Trichoderma that suit Australian conditions. When applied to soil, these live beneficial fungi colonize the root zone of plant and turf creating a much healthier growing environment. Available in a 100gm sachet. Product Code ECTAS10 CALSOL SOIL BALANCING POLYMER PRODUCT CODE Organic Polymer designed to dissolve Calcium and Magnesium Bicarbonates and Carbonates as well as Phosphates. Frees up Magnesium and Calcium by forcing Sodium off clay particles. This allows salts to be easily leached away from the root zone, reducing salinity levels. Also reduces scale formation in irrigation lines and corrects the Calcium/Magnesium balance within the soil. Available in 20 litre containers. ECSOL20 20L ECSOL200 200L STOLLER NUTRI-pHLOW PRODUCT CODE SNPL020 20L SNPL200 200L SNPL1000 1,000L A high phosphorous soil-applied product that will supply a complete nutrient mix to the roots. The acid formulation will release tied up nutrients in alkaline soils and clean drippers on micro irrigation. An ideal product when alternated with N-Hib and RootFeed treatment in separate applications. Typical application rate is 20-50 litres of concentrate per hectare. product when alternated with N-Hib and RootFeed treatment in separate applications. Typical STOLLER AQUA-CAL PRODUCT CODE SAC020 20L SAC200 200L SAC1000 1,000L A highly available calcium source designed to displace salt and enable a plant to survive salty soils or salty irrigation water. Applied through the irrigation to the soil, Aqua-Cal will release salt and improve drainage. Typical application rate is 25 litres of concentrate per hectare. STOLLER FOLI-ZYME PRODUCT CODE SFZ020 20L SFZ200 200L SFZ1000 1,000L Stoller’s Foli-Zyme is a complete foliar designed for balanced growth and stress recovery. It is used to treat crops, turf or plants that have or will encounter stress e.g. temperature extremes. Consistently used to restore healthy growth on all plants, turf or crops. Typical dilution rate is 500ml of concentrate per 200 litres of water, and typical application rate is 5 litres of concentrate per hectare. SOIL IMPROVEMENT AND WATERING HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU