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Meet plant lover and Influencer Samuel Gonçalves

Category: General News | Published on 19-October-2021 16:00:03

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Samuel Gonçalves, a Brazilian biologist, teacher and above all a plant lover, shared his secret. An all-in-one product that makes plants thrive. His secret is…. the TerraCottem soil conditioner! But how did he discover TerraCottem?
We called Samuel and asked him some questions:

Your YouTube channel UM BOTÂNICO NO APARTAMENTO has many followers. How did it all start?

3 years ago, I started my YouTube channel when I decided to spread scientific knowledge about growing plants. Most of my videos are made for researching information published in scientific papers used in the cultivation of plants in homes and apartments.

How many plants do you have in your apartment? And which kind is your favourite?

I have about 1200 plants in my apartment, mostly Araceae, but also Begonia, Peperomia, Hoya and several cacti and succulents.

How did you get to know TerraCottem?

One day I needed a fertilizer for my plants and Campina Verde introduced me to TerraCottem.
They advised me to use TerraCottem and told me it is a truly impressive, almost miraculous product.
I doubted it at first, but I decided to test it on some of my plants anyway.

For how long have you been using the product?

In fact, I have been using the product since June just before the start of the winter here in Brazil.
Even though I haven’t been using it for a very long time, today I am convinced of the results.

On which plants did you use TerraCottem and what exactly happened?

Initially, I took the risk of using TerraCottem in two of my favourite plants. I started with Alocasia nebula 'Imperialis' and Alocasia baginda 'Dragon Scale'.
To my surprise, these plants, which were to begin the process of winter dormancy, had new leaves, about once every twenty days. This never happened with an Alocasia from my collection, especially in winter.

Describe us your dream garden?

My dream garden would be a garden with many rare plants, all healthy and well-developed. There must be a lot of harmony between the plants, the pots, the furniture, the decoration.
It should be a “cosy” place. Everything must lead to an irresistible urge to stay in the garden for a long time, without noticing time pass. An enchanting garden!

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