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Measuring the benefits

Category: Synergy | Published on 01-February-2020 08:50:38

An hour’s drive north of Auckland at Weiti Bay, a housing development is going in. Previously a forest plantation......

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From Obsolete Tank to... THIS!

Category: Synergy | Published on 06-February-2019 13:48:45

Imagine you suddenly found yourself in the new Booran Road Play Space in Melbourne’s City of Glen Eira......

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The recovery is going great

Category: Synergy | Published on 31-December-2018 09:20:35

Remember Cyclone Marcia? February 20th 2015? If you live in Yeppon on the coast between Brisbane and Cairns you’d never forget it......

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Mt Isa signs up

Category: Synergy | Published on 24-December-2018 08:21:17

Given Mount Isa’s reputation for being one of Australia’s hottest places (45.9° C, recorded in 1990), it’s not a surprise to hear that.......

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A gold quality playspace

Category: Synergy | Published on 03-December-2018 08:10:27

If you missed the story on Ruth Czermak first time round, here it is again. Believe us, it’s worth the read...

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