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Choosing Plants and Trees and Where to Buy Landscaping Tools and Equipment in Perth

When you're deciding which plants to buy, there are many factors to consider. It's best to plant your garden as soon as possible so that you can reap its benefits for years to come. Some of the things to think about when choosing your plants include:


What is your budget for the project, and what kind of garden can you manage? Think about what will be sustainable and easy enough for you to take care of based on how much time you can devote to the project and your skill level when it comes to caring for plants. Remember that applying mulch can reduce the amount of time and energy you need to spend on weeding.

Style of Garden

Watching gardening shows or reading gardening books is an excellent way to figure out what you like and what your personal tastes are. There are many garden styles including native, formal, cottage, and so on. Choose what appeals to you or what is appropriate for the setting.


Do a little research and learn about the climate where you live and what types of plants will grow well there. You can obtain this information from the Internet, in gardening books, or from a good supplier of landscaping tools in Perth such as StrataGreen.

Type of Soil

Checking your soil type is essential to choosing the right plants. All soil types can benefit from the application of organic mulch, which will keep it aerated and improve its nutrient content.

Available Sunlight and Shade

Different plants need different amounts of sun and shade, so consider how much sun your garden will typically get. Observe the area throughout the daytime to learn which areas are sunny and which are shady as well as how this changes throughout the year. Choosing plants that grow well in the amount of sunlight provided is essential to avoid losing plants.


How much water will be available in the area? How much rainfall can you expect during the wet season? Some plants can survive relatively dry periods once they are well-established; others need a lot of water all the time. Consider the environment when choosing your plants.

Selecting Trees

Trees make a terrific focal point for any garden, but there are some important things to think about when deciding which ones to plant. How big will the tree grow to be? Do you want it to provide shade? Will falling leaves present a problem? Will the tree's roots affect foundations, paving, drains, or pipes? Native trees will encourage birds, so keep this in mind as well. A combination of these factors can help you decide on the perfect trees for your area.

Where to Buy Landscaping Equipment in Perth

At StrataGreen, we can answer any questions you have about landscaping, and we are also your one- stop shop for any landscaping tools you need to get the job done. We offer a huge range of landscaping equipment, tools, and more for the landscape and horticultural industries. We also make top-notch customer service our number one priority, so give us a call if there's any way we can help with your next landscaping project.


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