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Category: Urban Trees & Root Control

TreeFRAME provides the ideal mulch containment, water retention and tree protection surround. It's why trees grow better!

Each TreeFRAME consists of 4 (150mm deep x 28mm thick ) UV resistant PVC walls & 4 rigid HDPE corner brackets (complete with peg or pin securing points). The TreeFRAME 1000 creates a 1000 x 1000mm square surround.

1000mm x 1000mm square, 150mm high x 28mm thick walls
  • Easy to install to any site dimension.
  • Maintains a rigid square or rectangular shape
  • Simple to adjust the fit, especially in situations where the frame meets a straight edge, eg. a path or kerb
  • Ensures water retention around the growth zone of the plant and will contain over 100 litres of water, allowing the water to soak into the soil.
  • Establishes a new aesthetic in edging and tree surrounds
  • Re-usable, easily dissembled, transported and reinstalled.
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia
  • Sits firmly in the ground with strong points for securing pegs or pins in each corner.
  • Accommodates grade or surface level fluctuations
  • Contains mulch, generally applied to a depth of 100mm
  • Highly resistant to mower, machinery and whipper snipper impacts.
  • Compatiable with tree guards and stakes
  • Impervious to moisture, fungal and insect attacks
  • No tools are required to install.
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