24 October 2017

Walking into the shop to buy some milk, not many people think about the passing moment they’re about to have with the person behind the counter. It’s a simple transaction – milk for money, and you’re out the door. But there are times when it’s not so much about the milk as about the relationship [...]

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Planting at the Red Centre

If you assume that managing landscapes in a place like Alice Springs is a challenge, you’d be right. The extremes in temperature and low rainfall must be factored in, or as Gary Dinham puts it, “If you try to work against nature, it will knock you down.” Having said that there’s also a fair share [...]

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The Whiteboard Rules

OK. You’ve made the commitment to give TerraCottem a go. You’ve found funds in the budget and placed the order. And then you’re being booked into a how-to workshop and you wonder, what’s that all about and is it necessary? “It was the first time we’d had training come with a pallet of product.” Michael [...]

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Look who's using it

Delfin have a reputation for making the most of the natural resources of a residential development site – playing on its strengths, minimising disturbances and above all, creating wonderful envi-ronments for communities to enjoy. Given that they invest considerable effort to achieve this, it’s not surprising that at Woodlands as part of this process, they [...]

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Doing the Job with Less Water

There is a way to not only cope with less water when managing green assets, but to even improve on the results. Following are three people who are comfortably biased in favour of TerraCottem. They’ve specified it, paid for it, managed its application and watched the results. Let’s let them sing TerraCottem’s praises… Way out [...]

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What is Synergy?

Future Future: We are proud that the integration of TerraCottem into LA designs provides a sustainable platform for plant well-being. The role of TerraCottem is neither organically transient (like importing humus into a sandy profile) nor physically transient (like a structural foam). TerraCottem works in synergy with the plant for long term transformation.So what kinds [...]

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