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Tips how to plant your fruit trees this Spring

Category: General News | Published on 13-September-2021 10:00:42

Tips how to plant your fruit trees this Spring

Now is the perfect time to get in the garden and plant some healthy peach trees. Do you love peach trees, orange trees and lemon, too? Planting fruit trees in sandy soil doesn’t have to be a problem. With a few little tips and tricks, you will soon eat juicy peaches from your own backyard. Find out how to plant your fruit trees this Spring. Follow our tips below.

1. Find a nice spot in your garden

Always dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Check the depth of the hole with the pot before planting. Make sure you leave a bit of space between your trees. The challenge in Perth is that the soil is a bit sandy. That means that the rain will drain quickly from the soil.
Peach tree blossoming

2. Enrich soil structure and fertility

It is important to improve the soil by mixing in some compost, aged manure or soil conditioner. Another concern when planting fruit trees is they are susceptible to pests and diseases. You can kickstart healthy growth with TerraCottem soil conditioner. TerraCottem works in the root zone and includes valuable polymers. These are able to retain water. Plus, it contains fertilisers and carrier materials to increase healthy growth. TerraCottem only has to be applied once. There is no easier way to plant than with TerraCottem .
Enrich soil structure and fertility with TerraCottem soil conditioner

3. Carefully remove the tree from the pot

Tease out and trim some of the roots to avoid circling. Place the tree into the hole. Now it’s time to backfill around the tree. Make sure you use at least a 50/50 mixture of the existing soil and soil imporvers or compost. This will help you plant your fruit tree successfully.
Remove the fruit tree from the pot

4. Time to water your fruit tree

Firm the tree and level it off. Then, water your fruit tree generously. TerraCottem activates when you water the plant. Polymers absorb water and fertilisers. The mix of 20 ingredients work in a synergetic way to improve soil quality, H20 and nutrient retention. Trees, lawns, shrubs and gardens will grow healthier all year with TerraCottem.

5. Anchor the tree

This gives the young tree additional stability. The physical support helps the tree while it’s young. Especially if it has a dense crown of leaves and a small root ball, it is important to hold the root ball in the soil. It allows the roots to grow into the soil and anchor the tree.

Now that you learned some tips how to plant your fruit trees this spring, make sure you give it a go. Let us know how you go in the comments below. Enjoy your peaches!


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