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Top Tips for Using Tree Support Stakes?

When tasked with undertaking a landscaping project, you may be asked to make room for trees that will eventually grow to great heights. Trees can add character, colour, and a natural charm to outdoor spaces, but ensuring they thrive, can be challenging. Sometimes, tree support stakes are necessary to help a tree flourish, but other times, the product in question can do more harm than good. If you're an experienced landscaper, you may be familiar with when stakes are appropriate and when they aren't, but if you're an amateur or attempting a DIY garden transformation project, it's helpful to know when tree support stakes are useful.

Stakes are helpful to anchor new trees in place so that the roots have a chance to take firm hold in the soil, but if you tie the stake to the tree too tightly, you may cause it to grow oddly shaped, and you could even kill it in certain situations. It's a good idea to tie stakes to trees using our high quality flat tree tie in a figure-8 shape because it gives the trunk the flexibility to move with the wind without interfering with the roots. Also, if the root ball is small compared to the tree's height, you need tree support stakes to prevent the plant from collapsing in high winds.

At StrataGreen, we provide high-quality, long-lasting stakes for a range of applications, and we use sustainable materials such as pine, jarrah, and strengthened hardwood. We're the one stop shop for all landscaping, horticultural, and environmental needs, so if you need reliable stakes or advice for your next project, we're the company to call.