Gryphon 450 Glyphosate, 20 litre

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Gryphon 450 Glyphosate Herbicide is a leading herbicide solution formulated to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural professionals. This herbicide is built on advanced technology to ensure high efficacy, long-lasting results on weeds, and an environmentally friendly solution to a farmer's crop protection needs.

This powerful herbicide is formulated with a specific active ingredient known as Glyphosate. This ingredient effectively controls annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds. To ensure maximum crop protection, it is designed for pre-harvest, burndown, and stock grazing practices.

This product boasts extensive benefits that set it apart from its competition. The herbicide is formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients in each tank mix, providing excellent performance in various agronomic conditions.

The herbicide is designed to be used with various tank-mix partners, providing greater flexibility for farmers in their spray programs. It is safe with all nozzle types and leaves no harmful residues on crops, making it ideal for spray drift-sensitive crops.

Additionally, Gryphon 450 Glyphosate Herbicide is a registered herbicide in Australia. It is subject to rigorous testing and product research, proving its excellence in weed control across various agricultural projects.

For farmers and agricultural professionals who require a robust and reliable herbicide solution for long-lasting protection and crop management, Gryphon 450 Glyphosate Herbicide is the perfect solution. With its advanced formulation, you can trust Gryphon 450 Glyphosate to provide excellent results while preserving the environment and maximising yields.

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