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What to do with old fluted tree guards? Recycling now possible at StrataGreen

Category: General News | Published on 09-August-2021 08:00:10

What to do with old fluted tree guards?

Recycling old fluted plastic tree guards is now possible thanks to a partnership between StrataGreen and Claw Environmental Services in Welshpool, Perth.

To protect young trees from wind and physical damage, tree guards are the perfect solution as they create a physical barrier between the plant and possible threats. Usually demand for StrataGreen tree guards increases just before planting season in winter. Plastic tree guards are popular among councils and other environmental businesses as they are durable and can be reused for several years. However, at some point (usually after 3-4 years) they have to be replaced.

Ever wondered where all the old tree guards go?

Unfortunately, many tree guards end up in landfill, but thanks to Claw Environmental- a Perth based plastic recycler, that’s a thing of the past. Fluted tree guards a.k.a. corflute® (polypropylene) along with many other plastic products are shredded and repurposed to go back into local manufacturing across Australia. If you have old fluted plastic tree guards (a.k.a. corflute®), you can drop them off at our premises so Claw Environmental can process them as part of a more circular economy. “This is a green WIN-WIN solution really. Anyone who buys fluted tree guards at StrataGreen can now rest assured they will be recycled to benefit manufacturing thanks to Claw Environmental”, says Tim Sharpe, Director at StrataGreen. “We hope councils and other businesses take up the opportunity this winter so we can all do our part towards a greener future”, adds Rick Sharpe, Director at StrataGreen.

Recycling fluted plastic tree guards not only reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill, it also helps Australian manufacturing businesses make things locally.
AJ Forrest and Kate Cameron from Claw Environmental in Welshpool
The team around Kate and AJ from Claw Environmental focus on recycling rigid plastics and expanded polystyrene that make up bins, bottles, drums, tubs, buckets, corflute, eskies, boxes and even insulation.
Fluted plastic guards (left) are shredded into fine bits (right) then processed into tiny plastic pellets.
These large machines shred, granulate, wash and pelletise plastics at Claw Environmental.
Long plastic strings are cooled down in water then cut into pellets.
This used to be an old end of life wheely bin (left)! The end product is tiny pellets (right).
Bottle lids are shredded and processed in large amounts.

Guide: What to arrange before recycling your fluted plastic tree guards

If you want to divert fluted plastic tree guards from landfill to enable the return of recycled plastics into manufacturing, please:

1. Let us know how big the load is you want to drop off (email us or call 1300 866 367)
2. Please bundle your tree guards in packs of 50 so they can easily be stored and delivered to Claw Environmental by our warehouse team
3. Please ensure tree guards are free from wood, metal, rope or other contamination that is not coreflute

Any questions? Get in touch with our friendly team at StrataGreen to arrange drop-off:
Call us on: 1300 866 367 or Email:
Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!


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