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Serious Gardener Meets Serious Weed Killer Supplier

You have pulled and pulled yet somehow; they keep coming back. Your weed problem is stifling the growth of your garden and sucking the joy out of your hobby. Don't throw down your hoe and hose, shop the weed killer supplier professionals swear by, StrataGreen. We are the one-stop- shop for all tools, equipment, and supplies needed to make a landscaping success out of your struggling garden.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a hobbyist with a persistent and pervasive problem, StrataGreen is the go-to weed killer supplier for the Perth Metro area and beyond. With over 20 years' experience in landscaping and environmental development, we share our knowledge and passion for providing effective solutions to a comprehensive range of landscaping and horticultural needs.

First established in 1990, we became StrataGreen in 2017 and have been moving forward strongly ever since. We offer a private line of tools and supplies as well as the leading brands from around the world. Visit us in Canning Vale or shop our full inventory online. We take secure payments of Visa and MasterCard, or you are welcome to call in for person-to- person payments. Join our community for information, tips, and alerts on specials. As weed killer suppliers for professionals at all sizes of projects, we stock multiple sizes of weed killers to fit your needs best. Weeds don't have to ruin your fun and stunt your garden's growth,

call and see how StrataGreen can help.


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Boxline Steel Planter,950x1250mm X 400mm H
WAS: $605.00
NOW: $420.00

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