Baileys Soil Improver Plus - 25L

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Baileys Soil Improver is a mature organic compost designed to build up soil structure and improve soil fertility. When added to existing garden soils it provides the essential organic carbon needed for microbial life and improve the soils capacity to retain water and nutrients.

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  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product.
  • Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved product.
  • Increases water retention, eliminating run-off and leaching.
  • Rewetting capacity is enhanced with the addition of the soil wetter Grosorb.
  • Helps suppress plant disease.
  • pH stabilized.
  • Improves soil structure, vital in the nutrient poor, sandy profiles common in Australia.
  • Manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 4454.


  • Lawns: Prepare the area for lawn planting by removing sticks, stones and coagulated soil. Arrange your contour as desired then add Soil Improver Plus to the topsoil.
  • Garden Bed Preparation: Distribute Soil Improver Plus evenly over the area and dig into the top 150ml.
  • Shrubs & Tree Planting: Dig the hole twice as large as the plants root ball size. Fill the hole with Soil Improver Plus as illustrated on the bag, blend the back-fill in. Water well.


  • Light Sandy Soils: distribute 150mm evenly over the surface. Dig in and water well. Approximately 150L to cover 1m? (or 5 bags)
  • Medium Soils: distribute 100 to 150mm. Dig in and water well. Approximately 100L to cover 1m? (or 3-4 bags)
  • Heavy Soils: distribute 50 to 100mm worked evenly into the topsoil. Dig in and water well. Approximately 50L to cover 1m? (or 2 bags).


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