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Why and When You Should Buy Plastic Tree Guards

In Australia, we like to make the most of the outdoors to enjoy the sunny weather, especially during the spring and summer months. We endeavour to make our public parks, gardens look attractive and inviting so that visitors can enjoy the experience as much as we do, and if you're a landscaper, you might have lots of work just around the corner with the colder temperatures now subsiding. Many customers will likely ask you to plant new trees and shrubbery to bring life and colour into their landscapes, but you need to ensure new seedlings can survive harsh weather conditions and attempted attacks from predators.

Plastic tree guards can be a landscaper's best friend when ensuring perfection is a must, and even though they're simple pieces of equipment, they're highly effective at their job. Plastic tree guards can:

Best of all, if you purchase plastic tree guards complete with bamboo supports from us, you can feel confident you're spending money wisely. At StrataGreen, we cater to all landscaping and horticultural needs and have one of the most extensive product selections in Australia. Contact us today if you need reliable and durable guards to promote healthy tree growth.