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Battery powered hand tools will blow you away: Introducing Pellenc mowers, blowers, pruners & more

Category: General News | Published on 06-January-2021 11:00:01

Not only your neighbours, but your better half and your dog will love you for choosing battery powered tools by Pellenc. Why settle for petrol if you can reduce noise, costs, prevent stress and do something good for the environment? Pellenc battery powered hand tools are lighter, run for hours thanks to their lithium-ion batteries, and are durable.

No matter what size lawn you need to mow, or which sort of trees and open spaces you need to maintain: We have simple, hassle-free battery powered tools to help you get your job done. Pellenc battery powered tools are not only better for work, they are better for nature. Their performance (power, battery life etc.) is comparable to thermal motor equivalents.

Excelion Alpha multi function brush cutter

Environmental Fact: Pellenc Products are designed to use recyclable materials as a priority. Equipment, machines and tools operate using non-mineral bio-degradable oils. All products are designed to be as lightweight as possible. The lithium-ion elements in Pellenc batteries can be 80% recycled which is currently among the best rate for battery cells available in the market.

Pellenc range includes:
• Lawn mower (Rasion 2 Mowers)
• Blower (Airion 3)
• Hedge Trimmers (Helion 2 & Helion Alpha)
• Brush Cutter (Excelion Alpha)
• Pruning shears and poles (Electronic Secateur)
• Pruner (Selion C21)
• Polesaw (Selion M12)
• Selion Telescopic Polesaw

Helion Alpha professional hedge trimmer

Why choose battery powered tools over traditional tools?

• Cordless
• Carbon-free
• Easy to use – reduced vibration
• Lightweight
• Lithium-ion batteries for longer gardening sessions
• Minimum maintenance
• Better for the environment
• Save money you used to spend for fuel
• Made from used recycled materials

At StrataGreen, we are proud to expand our battery powered and emission free product ranges to offer more sustainable options to you, our valued customers. We highly recommend the Pellenc range which is known for its high-quality and performance in agriculture, green spaces and local communities. The complete range of Pellenc hand tools for landscape and maintenance is now available at StrataGreen. Find out more here.



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