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How a Bentonite Clay Supplier Can Assist Your Landscaping Effort

People employ lots of methods to improve the overall quality of their soil to promote healthy plant growth, some of which have been around for millennia and others of which are more modern. For example, you can compost your food waste to give plants essential nutrients, or you can try the vermicomposting technique to ensure worm casts and organic waste help your garden flourish. However, regardless of what you add to your soil to make it a healthy habitat for plants, you need to ensure the soil provides ideal conditions from the offset, which is why you might want to contact a bentonite clay supplier.

Bentonite clay works wonders for sandy soils because it allows better retention of moisture and vital nutrients that flowers and trees need to thrive. It also promotes beneficial biological activity by creating the required conditions for certain insects and microorganisms to boost the soil's organic matter concentration. Add those benefits to the fact that it improves soil structure, and you can see why it's a favourite with gardeners and landscapers. However, if you want to know the product in question has no added chemicals, you need to find a bentonite clay supplier you can trust.

Here at StrataGreen, we take great pride in being a one stop shop for landscapers, and in addition to being a bentonite clay supplier, we also stock products such as bamboo canes, tree guards, support stakes, and much more. You'll find everything you need for your next project on our product pages, and you'll struggle to find anybody with better value prices than us. Contact us today if you need bentonite clay to make your next garden design a success.