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At StrataGreen we provide a comprehensive range of nursery, plant and seed propagation equipment to support your gardening needs, creating the ideal environment for your young plants to thrive. Whether you have a couple of cuttings or trays of seedlings, our online store offers a wide selection of inexpensive, high-quality products designed to help you successfully propagate seeds, achieve excellent germination and nurture your plants.

Whether you are a professional horticulturist or a passionate gardener, our Nursery and Plant Propagation category has everything you need to create the perfect environment for your plants, vegetables and cuttings to thrive. From potting mix kits, to seed raising equipment to rooting hormone gel and powder kits, our range of products will be able to support your planting project.

Propagation Equipment For Improving Plant Growth

From aerospring digital repeat cycle timers to trimeters for measuring pH, EC, water, soil, and soil temperature, we offer a range of advanced tools to help you monitor, maintain and grow plants for optimal growing conditions. Our products are carefully selected to ensure accuracy and reliability, giving you the peace of mind that your young, small plants are receiving the precise care they need.

Seed Raising Equipment

We supply a lot of essential accessories for seedlings such as plant tags, bamboo canes of various sizes, plant cutting containers and tree ties in various lengths and materials to support plant growth and provide necessary support to seedlings as they develop. Our range of horticultural tapes and gels, including popular brands like Clonex (used to strike and cultivate soft wood plant cuttings) and Esi-Root, are perfect for rooting and propagating plants, sowing seeds and seedlings, helping to given them the best start in life.

In addition to our seed propagation equipment kits, we also offer products for other aspects of plant care. From frost cloths for protection during colder months to rockwool pots and seed cubes for hydroponic growing, we have a diverse range of products to cater to all your gardening needs. In a nutshell, your mini greenhouses will be taken care of!

StrataGreen is committed to providing the highest quality nursery, seed and plant propagation equipment in Australia. We're always adding more products to our propagation equipment range and with our user-friendly online store and prompt delivery service, it has never been easier to access the tools, seeds and supplies you need to cultivate healthy and full soil for vibrant plant growth.

Don't wait any longer! Browse our Nursery and Plant Propagation category today on our online store and take the next great step towards a successful and fulfilling gardening experience. It's as simple as browse, choose your product, add to cart and checkout!

To find out more about our range of propagation equipment or for information on the best way to cultivate cuttings and increase your germination rate, contact the helpful team at StrataGreen today.