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Welcome to the landscape edging section of our store, where you'll find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor spaces and garden edge designs. We are your one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs, focusing on high-quality products, landscape edging materials and garden supplies to suit your needs, whether you have a large commercial project or want to make your garden stand out.

We offer many different types of landscape edging products from some of the most respected garden edging brands in the business, such as StraightCurve (galvanised steel & weathering steel), LinkEdge (aluminium) and more. All our edging products are made from durable materials that won't break down and lasts forever in the harsh weather conditions found in Australia.


Let us look at the differences in materials and how much they can add to your landscaping needs.


Our famous steel landscape edging is durable and weather-resistant, while plastic edging is a more cost-effective landscape edging solution. We highly recommend steel edging for any garden project that includes raised garden beds or requires raised edging and crisp lines.

Aluminium edging is a more economical landscape edging option than steel. They tend to be lighter and more flexible to handle, making installation easier. Steel and aluminium edging are typically used by professional landscapers for large projects such as commercial landscaping and building foundations due to their modern design and ability to create clean lines.

If visual appeal and colour is essential to you, we also have plastic edging available in a variety of colours such as green, black and terracotta for a classic look in your garden. Plastic edging offers easy installation at a small expense, and is popular with smaller projects, such as flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, lawn areas, pavers and pathways.

Whatever type of garden edge solution you choose, rest assured that they are durable and easily installed - all at an affordable price.


StraightCurve Steel Landscape Edge can help you maintain a tidy looking landscape by acting as a lawn barrier to keep mulch in and keep grass and weeds away from pathways, lawn areas and flower beds, creating tree rings or by defining stone paths and feature areas.

Galvanized Steel Edging

StraightCurve uses galvanised steel and is flexible, so you can easily guide and shape it to match the landscape or create the edge you need. You can even form a straight 2.4m length into round or square tree ring shapes, perfect for plants and trees. DIY installation is straightforward, with fixed connector plates, guide holes and lock-in pegs. No special tools or expertise are required to create the wonderful shapes for your garden design ideas. The natural rustic surface of StraightCurve weathering steel gives you an attractive looking edge whilst also protecting the steel within for assured longevity and strength. If you desire a long-lasting, cost-effective landscape edge with no fear of buckling, cracking or shifting, then StraightCurve Steel Landscape Edge is your best metal edging solution.


Cement, bricks, wood and concrete will crack over the span of their lifetime, can be tricky to lay and are also time-consuming. LinkEdge is flexible, simple to install, and economically efficient with the usability and strength of steel, yet it will not rust or leave sharp edges, nor does it require heavy lifting or digging. It is completely flexible and can be used to create any shape such as curves, circles and straight lines with ease. Also available in a range of powder-coated colours, this landscape edging can help transform your garden and suits a range of garden styles. Never before has an edge been able to deliver this much for such an affordable price.


EdgeMaxx Plastic Landscape Edging is a heavy duty edging, an ideal solution to retain soil and prevent soil movement. This durable edging system offers strong resistance to breaking, but bends easily to conform and build a border around flowerbeds. The small profile won't obstruct pathways in the garden or create tripping hazards on the ground in your outdoor space.

To find out more about our professional range of beautiful lawn edging, metal edging and garden edging products, contact our experienced staff for more details. Visit us in store or shop online, and take advantage of Australia wide shipping.