Academy Policies

Course Bookings and Fees

Course participants who book and pay online prior to courses being held will be charged $599. When the payment is made, a payment advice, registration confirmation and a tax invoice is automatically generated.

Course Group Bookings

Group booking of 8-10 participants by a single organisation are legible for a 10% discount if the course is hosted at the organisation’s premises. Food at morning tea and lunch will not be provided by StrataGreen with this arrangement.

Course Refunds

In the event of a refund request, StrataGreen is happy to provide a full refund. Alternatively, StrataGreen is willing to assist with transferring the registration to another person or to delay the training to a later date at no cost. Requests for refunds or changes must be made at least 48hours before the start time of the course.

Refunds are not provided where participants fail to attend courses, however a credit will be provided whereby the participant can attend the same course at a later date.

If a scheduled course is cancelled by StrataGreen, participants who have registered and paid will be entitled to a refund of the course amount paid or they may choose to have a credit whereby the participant can attend a course at a later date.

Purchase Orders

Where a purchase order is received the organisation will be invoiced according to the purchase order whether or not the participant attends. If a participant does not attend, the participant can attend a course at a later date.

StrataGreen is committed to the delivery of best practice training. Every effort will be made to deliver a quality product in a harmonious environment conducive to learning and the wellbeing of the learner and to the most current version of Standards for RTO’s. A Code of Conduct for Learners and a Code of Practice for StrataGreen is to be found on StrataGreen’s website. This code and associated policies and procedures have been developed to support the aims described above and aim to provide the learner guidance towards their rights and responsibilities when engaged in learning with StrataGreen as well as providing information on the rights and responsibilities of StrataGreen.

Should a learner feel they have been treated unfairly or they have an issue with StrataGreen’s training delivery and/or decisions made by StrataGreen, they will be encouraged to engage in a formal process with StrataGreen with the aim to resolve the issue.

StrataGreen will respond to complaints or appeals in the following manner:

  1. Initially an informal solution will be sought.
  2. Should this not resolve the issue for the complainant/appellant they will be directed towards StrataGreen’s formal process for resolution of grievances/appeals.
  3. Every effort will be made to resolve any grievance/appeal within a maximum period of 60 days. Should there be any reason why the process may take more than 60 days, StrataGreen will inform the complainant/ appellant in writing the reason for this delay and keep the complainant/appellant informed of progress.
  4. StrataGreen will keep records of all complaints/appeals made and of their resolution.
  5. Should the complainant/appellant identify a fault with StrataGreen’s training and assessment process, its delivery mode or the fairness of its student support process, StrataGreen will ensure corrective measures are undertaken to mitigate the likelihood of reoccurrence.

All complaints and appeals should be directed to the RTO Manager, Gavin Fawkes at [email protected] or 0408 995 050

  1. StrataGreen supports the concept of a training environment in which all clients can participate without fear of discrimination
  2. Both StrataGreen staff and clients have a responsibility to ensure our classrooms are places where participants can feel relaxed and positive in order to make the most of opportunities provided
  3. Discrimination, harassment and prejudice towards both staff and clients will not be tolerated and those who engage in such behaviours will be asked to leave the venue
  4. Participants will be assessed only on their capacity to meet the competency standards of the particular training provided
  1. StrataGreen will treat all personal information with the utmost care
  2. Personal details will be used for the purposes of general student administration, communication, state and national reporting, program monitoring, evaluation and assessment
  3. Information gathered may from time to time may be also used to improve the services offered by StrataGreen to both existing and prospective clients
  4. StrataGreen cannot be held responsible for the material contained on third party websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.
  5. StrataGreen seeks to protect the integrity of its website and the privacy of our staff and clients and welcomes constructive feedback regarding our website and services
  1. StrataGreen is committed to the safety of its staff and clients
  2. StrataGreen will endeavour to ensure all its workplaces are as safe as is practically possible
  3. Risk assessments will be carried out by StrataGreen staff in each training venue and risk management plans will be put in place prior to the commencement of the training
  4. Both StrataGreen staff and clients maintain a responsibility to be alert to risks to their health, safety and welfare, and to take appropriate action to minimise any potential hazards
  5. All potential hazards should be reported to a member of StrataGreen staff as soon as possible with all incidents being reported in accordance with legislative and/or regulatory requirements
  6. Clients hold a responsibility to maintain standards of appropriate dress and decorum while participating in all StrataGreen services
  7. Training engagements will be terminated if StrataGreen staff and clients are placed at serious risk without possibility of hazard minimisation
  8. StrataGreen staff and clients should not attempt to combat potential hazards without the necessary qualifications to do so, and any attempts otherwise are undertaken at the risk of the individual

1.1 StrataGreen a registered training organisation offering nationally recognised training. This Code of Practice provides the basis for good practice in the marketing, operations, financing and administration of the education and training services offered by StrataGreen.

1.2 For the purposes of this document "client" refers to any person participating in education or training delivered by StrataGreen.


2.1 Educational Standards

  1. StrataGreen has policies and procedures which maintain high professional standards in the delivery of training and assessment services, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of clients.
  2. StrataGreen maintains a learning environment that is conducive to the success of clients.
  3. StrataGreen has the capacity to deliver and assess the Units of Competency for which it has been registered on their scope of registration, provide adequate facilities, and use methods and materials appropriate to the learning and assessment needs of our clients.
  4. StrataGreen monitors and assesses the performance and progress of its clients.
  5. StrataGreen ensures that assessments are conducted in a manner that meets the endorsed Units of Competency
  6. StrataGreen is committed to access and equity principles and processes in the delivery of its services.
  7. StrataGreen maintains systems for recording and archiving trainee enrolments, attendance, completion, assessment outcomes,

recognition of prior learning, complaints, qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued.

  1. StrataGreen treats all personal records of clients confidentially.

2.2 Course Registration and Delivery

  1. Prior to course commencement StrataGreen gives trainees all relevant information about the course curriculum, fees, RPL, program of

study, availability of learning resources and appropriate support services.

  1. Clients are required to complete an enrolment/registration form accompanied with payment of the course fees to confirm participation.
  2. StrataGreen ensures that training and assessment occur in accordance with the requirements of the accredited course.

2.3 Staff

  1. StrataGreen ensures that all trainers have:
  • Demonstrated competencies at least to the level of those being delivered.
  • Demonstrated achievement of the currently compliant, Certificate IV in TAE
  1. StrataGreen ensures that the responsibility for the management and coordination of training delivery, assessment (including recognition of

prior learning), staff selection and professional development is clearly identified and undertaken by a person or persons with relevant qualifications and experience.

  1. StrataGreen ensures that the teaching staff are not only suitably qualified but are also sensitive to the cultural and learning needs of clients and are equitable for all persons.
  2. StrataGreen provides training for all staff as required.

2.4 Training Environment

  1. StrataGreen complies with all laws relevant to the operation of its training premises, including occupational health and safety and fire safety regulations and ensure that these training premises are of adequate size and have adequate heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.
  2. StrataGreen ensures that training facilities, equipment and other resource materials are adequate for the courses being delivered and are maintained in good order and repair.

3.1 StrataGreen only issues Statements of Attainment to clients who have met the required outcomes in accordance with all appropriate National Guidelines.

3.2 StrataGreen will recognise the Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications and Statements of

Attainment issued and awarded by other Registered Training Organisations.


4.1 StrataGreen seeks feedback from our clients on their satisfaction with services they have received and seeks to improve its services in accordance with their expectations.

4.2 StrataGreen has clearly documented procedures for managing and monitoring all training operations and reviewing trainee/client satisfaction.


5.1 StrataGreen uses marketing strategies to advertise its products and services in an ethical manner.

5.2 StrataGreen markets their training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements.

5.3 StrataGreen, in the provision of information, provides no false or misleading comparisons that can be drawn with any other training organisation or qualification.

5.4 StrataGreen accurately represents recognised training products and services to prospective clients and does not state or imply that courses other than those on the scope of registration are recognised by the TAC.

5.5 StrataGreen gains written permission from a participant or client before using information about that individual or organisation in any marketing materials.

5.6 StrataGreen ensures clients are provided with full details of conditions in any contract arrangements with the organisation.


6.1 StrataGreen has measures to ensure that clients receive a refund of fees for services not provided. Further information is provided on enrolment forms and the course information brochure supplied to all trainees.

6.2 StrataGreen has a refund policy that is fair and equitable and this policy is made available to all clients online.

6.4 StrataGreen ensures that the contractual and financial relationship between the client and the organisation is fully and properly documented, and that copies of the documentation are made available to the client.

6.5 Documentation includes: the rights and responsibilities of clients, costs of training and assessment services and issuance of

Qualifications, payment arrangements, refund conditions and any other matters that place obligations on clients.


7.1 StrataGreen supplies accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to prospective clients covering but not limited to the matters listed in Section 9.3 of this Code.

7.2 StrataGreen supplies this information to clients before it enters into written agreement or financial arrangement with them and regularly reviews all information provided to ensure its accuracy and relevance.


8.1 StrataGreen keeps complete and accurate records of the attendance and progress of clients,


9.1 StrataGreen conducts recruitment of clients at all times in an ethical and responsible manner.

9.2 StrataGreen ensures that the educational background of intending clients is assessed by suitably qualified staff, and provides for the training of such staff, as appropriate.

9.3 StrataGreen provides accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to clients prior to commencement. This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Copy of the Code of Practice.
  • The accreditation status of the course.
  • Arrangements for the recognition of prior learning.
  • Recognition of qualifications issued by other RTO’s.
  • The commencement dates and duration (days and Hours, including pre reading) of courses.
  • Units of Competency to be achieved during training.
  • The certification to be issued on completion or partial completion of the course of study.
  • Assessment procedures.
  • Complaint/appeal procedure.
  • Facilities and equipment.
  • Client support services.
  • Application process, enrolment form and selection criteria.
  • Fees and costs involved in undertaking training.
  • Fee refund policy.
  • Students' rights and responsibilities; and
  • RTO's rights and responsibilities.

10.1 StrataGreen ensures that client selection processes comply with access and equity principles.

10.2 StrataGreen ensures all staff and clients are treated with equal merit and equal availability of all activities.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following groups of people:

  • People with a disability
  • Indigenous people
  • Women
  • People from non-English speaking background and
  • People in rural and remote areas.

10.4 StrataGreen training and assessment processes support achievement of competencies for those with low literacy levels. Clients will be assessed on this level of proficiency at the commencement of training and delivery strategies discussed with the client.


11.1 StrataGreen ensures that clients have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with complaints and provides an avenue for clients to appeal against decisions, which affect the clients' progress. Every effort is made to resolve clients' complaints.

11.2 StrataGreen has a complaint/appeal policy where a member of staff is identified to clients as the reference person for such matters. In addition, the complaint mechanism is made known to clients at the time of enrolment and is available online.

11.3 Where a complaint cannot be resolved internally, StrataGreen advises clients of the appropriate third party where they could seek further assistance.


12.1 Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the acknowledgement of the full range of an individual's skills and knowledge, irrespective of

how it has been acquired. It includes competencies gained through formal study, work experience and other 'life' experience.

12.2 StrataGreen aims to ensure that an individual's prior learning is recognised, irrespective of where or how the learning has taken place.

12.3 StrataGreen has a detailed procedure for recognition of prior learning which involves a comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s qualifications and skills.

12.4 In accordance with StrataGreen’s procedure on Skills Recognition, Clients can apply for a credit transfer of any competencies completed with another RTO.


13.1 StrataGreen provides adequate protection for the health, safety and welfare of clients and, without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression, this includes adequate and appropriate support services in terms of academic and personal counselling.


14.1 StrataGreen will:

  • Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance, including public liability, professional indemnity and workers compensation.
  • Advise the Office of the Training Accreditation Council in writing within 21 working days of any change to the information contained in the application for registration; and within 3 months of ceasing any change to the information contained in the application for registration.
  • Office of the Training Accreditation Council or its agents access to training records, delivery locations and staff for the purpose of auditing performance or verifying compliance with the conditions of registration.
  • Supply, Office of the Training Accreditation Council with delivery details for each course and module in the scope of registration, including trainee information in accordance with the Training Accreditation Council - AVETMISS requirements.
  • Resolve any complaints conveyed by students to Training Accreditation Council fairly and equitably.
  • In the event of StrataGreen ceasing operations, all records of student results will be sent to the Training Accreditation Council for archiving.

StrataGreen reserves the right to request that a student leave the course should the student’s participation be markedly less than

what is expected. Other reasons for dismissal from the course include, but are not limited to tardiness, severely disruptive behaviour, and failure to fulfill requirements. A student will be given two warnings, in private, both verbally and in writing before dismissal.


16.1 StrataGreen accepts that failure to meet the obligations of this Code, the conditions of registration as private provider of vocational education and training or supporting regulatory requirements, where applicable, may have their registration as a private provider withdrawn.

The Unique Student Identifier Scheme Policy

A USI is an individual education number issued by the government. The Australian government introduced the USI to the Higher Education sector to manage students’ records from various education providers, nationally.

You will need a USI in order to obtain your qualification. If you have undertaken any vocational education or training (even a First Aid course) since 2015 you may already have a USI.

If you have a genuine personal objection to being assigned a USI, you can apply for an exemption. Successful exemption will mean that you will not be eligible for Commonwealth Support or Assistance. If you decide to apply for an exemption, you will need to let the StrataGreen RTO Manager know when registering for the course. This can be done in the notes when booking a course or by emailing [email protected] before the course start date.




StrataGreen recognises and accepts Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and statements of attainment issued by another registered training organisation (RTO).

It allows a trainee to obtain credit for already, successfully, completed formal training which is equivalent to a component in a current program the trainee is enrolling in.

To be granted credit transfer the student must provide evidence of successful completion of the component, generally in the form of a training certificate or transcript.

Where credit transfer is granted, no training needs to take place in that component of the program.

For the student, it may reduce the time it takes to complete their program of study.