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Erosion Control

One of the more serious issues associated with land degradation is soil erosion.

Sedimentation from soil erosion is one of the biggest problems facing our rivers and streams. Sediment can clog water sources, disrupt the natural flow of water, affect the local habitat, cause fish and other aquatic species to decline, impact drainage and result in flooding. In more serious cases, major earthworks may be required to remove levy banks or dams, or to repair serious erosion gullies.

We use erosion control products & methods to create healthy soil while minimising damage to plants and vegetation cover to prevent this harmful effect sediment has on our waterways, vegetation and other natural resources. The aim is always to establish soil support for years and natural solid vegetation.⁠

We want to create healthy soil while minimising damage from erosion to prevent this harmful effect on our waterways, water catchment areas and other natural land resources. Our wide range of erosion control products are designed to establish support for disturbed soil and provide protection for dry land slopes and construction sites from soil erosion caused by rain or wind erosion.

Soil Erosion Control Products

At StrataGreen, we have an extensive erosion control product range with bio-degradable, durable and affordable features, ensuring that every project has the right solution for your soil erosion control needs. From biodegradable, synthetic & jute matting, staples, erosion control blankets, soil stabiliser, windbreak, until cellular system. With various trustworthy brands such as BioTek, TerraMaxx, GluOn, Mira Cell and many more, Stratagreen has established solutions to assist with all your soil erosion needs.

Our Australian-grown brushwood (Melaleuca Hamata) has proven itself as an excellent erosion control solution for river bank protection and restoration work. BioTek Brushwood is a 100% biodegradable and renewable resource, making it a perfect erosion control solution. BioTek Brushwood has proven itself as an ideal erosion control solution for riverbank restoration work, helping to control the flow of water near the river bank, particularly in conjunction with our range of BioTek Coir Mesh erosion control matting.

BioTek Coir Mesh Matting is made from coir fibre, the plant fibre extracted from coconut husks. It is naturally resistant to rot and moulds, making it a healthy option for keeping your garden soil in place. The matting absorbs water and prevents the topsoil from drying out, allowing seeds, plants and natural vegetation to take root and grow. Each meter of BioTek Coir Mesh Matting has 90% air pockets for increased growth potential because of good aeration. Bio-Tek Coir Mesh Matting also protects the slope from erosion and can suppress weeds, typically making them an excellent choice for protecting rough ground.

Windbreaks have been proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to protect crops and revegetation sites against wind damage. The TerraMaxx Windbreak is an economical solution that provides a fast installation process, reduced labour costs and high strength. The TerraMaxx Windbreak is made from a robust woven material giving it strength and durability over competitive products, making it ideal for use in the field, around your property and for revegetation sites.

If you're looking for a solution to stabilise your soil, Gluon Soil Stabiliser is also part of our Erosion Control catalogue. The GluonTM Soil Stabiliser is a water-based polymer that provides a lightweight, low VOC alternative to cement and asphalt. The product can be easily sprayed onto or mixed with loose dry soil to form stable, permanent solutions for residential use. Use GluonTM Soil Stabiliser to lock down surface dust or sand for a construction site project; create pedestrian pathways or cycle tracks; creating light vehicle roads; or create novel landscape solutions – the possibilities are endless. Once dried – depending on the amount of product used and application method – the treated soil material becomes very strong and resistant to stress, wind, and water.

The Mira-Cell Cellular System comprises an engineered, high-strength network of interconnected cells that confines and stabilises soils. The cell shape allows substantial lateral movement while the depth remains constant with no tension failure. The system provides a permanent solution to soil stability problems by working together with natural vegetation.

With a range of erosion control products from jute matting to soil stabilisers, we will be able to help you achieve a balance between development and the environment while protecting our most precious natural resources. Please chat with us today for all your erosion control needs. With a warehouse located in Perth, we can provide pick up and Australia wide delivery services.