Freight Policy

The following is the policy under which StrataGreen will freight goods to its customers and is subject to change without notice.

StrataGreen stocks and distributes a large range of product some of which require special freight requirements. This policy attempts to cover as many situations as possible and in the case that a situation can’t be covered under this policy, StrataGreen reserves the right to charge for freight at its discretion.

General Policy

StrataGreen will freight all orders free of charge on the following conditions-

  1. The goods can be delivered via our normal freight service. Any time critical, same day deliveries are excluded.
  2. The value of the order is $500 + GST or greater
  3. The order doesn’t include bulky goods (Bulky goods are clearly identified on the website)

Any order that doesn’t meet these conditions will have freight charged at cost.

All orders are freighted to our customers on the understanding that the customer has a means to unload the goods on arrival. Any special requirements to assist in the unloading of product such as the hire of HIAB, tail lifts, hand unloads etc. is at the cost of the customer. Any unnecessary delays in unloading the goods may also incur additional freight charges.

Freight Charges from

The StrataGreen website has a certain amount of the logic of this freight policy coded in and will calculate the cost of freighting your order accordingly. If you feel the freight charges are incorrect or want to arrange your own freight, please call us at 1300 866 367.