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Garden and Lawn Sprayer Equipment

StrataGreen's Spraying Equipment page offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality and reliable spraying equipment and accessories, suitable for all your gardening, farm and agricultural needs such as pest control, weeds management, and fertilisers application. Our experienced team can work with you to find a sprayer solution that works for your needs and will ensure it is compatible with the specific chemical you want to use.

Whether you're in need of a smaller, hand-held sprayer or a larger tank sprayer unit, StrataGreen has a wide variety of options available with Australia-wide delivery that won't break the bank, perfect for a range of applications.

Boom Sprayers

From Inter's industrial-grade sprayers to the Solo battery power backpack sprayers, StrataGreen provides an array of market leading spraying equipment that suit all customer requirements. The Inter spray boom range comes in the form of a 2-nozzle, 4-nozzle and 7-nozzle mini boom sprayers, providing a easy, precise and even distribution of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fungicides for weeds and pests.

Knapsack Sprayer

The Swissmex knapsack sprayer range is reliable, comfortable and suitable for larger spraying jobs, with options such as tanks such as the 15-litre, 5-litre, and 7-litre pressure sprayer, meaning no job is too large or too small, as every property owner needs the right sprayer.

The WeedMasta Knapsack/Trolley sprayer comes with a range of benefits, features, components and spare parts, including adjustable front sprayers, lances, hose, different sizes of nozzles, 16-litre capacity, trolley conversion capability, and much more.

Spot Sprayers

The Trans Tank Weed Control 12V ATV Spot sprayers come in 55lt and 95lt versions with pumps that offer a flow rate of 8.3l/m. The WeedControl 12V ATV Spot Sprayer, which contains a 150-litre capacity, designed to cater to large-scale operations such as fields and crops.

If you're a professional in the industries, operators or councils, we understand your needs and are able to provide an efficient solution.

Spraying Equipment for Pest Control

In a nutshell, StrataGreen's Spraying Equipment serves as a one-stop-shop for professionals and customers seeking reliable and robust machines to cater to their various spraying requirements and applications, irrespective of the scale of the project.