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Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people we work with and those around us. Ensuring employees are kept safe while carrying out their jobs helps to improve productivity and keep workplace accidents to a minimum and is something all companies in Australia should place a focus on.

However, we also know that having the correct safety gear can be expensive. Having the proper safety equipment can make a huge difference both for your company and for your employees. At StrataGreen, we understand that.

One Stop Safety Shop

StrataGreen is your one-stop workwear and safety shop with the big brands at great prices!

We've planned our entire range to maximise your team's safety while they do their job, allowing them to safely complete any task, no matter the size. With a range of safety gear, tools and products available from the big brands, you'll feel comfortable knowing your employees are kept safe as they carry out their duties.

Whether you need a new pair of overalls, safety glasses or ear protection for the factory floor or construction site, we have all the safety essentials available at great prices.

Local On Site Safety Solutions in Australia

Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, we ensure your team has the proper safety equipment 24/7. We have all your PPE needs in our catalogue, which carries the standard of onsite safety in Australia.

To find out more information about our wide range of onsite safety products, creating an account, free quotes or for more options, contact the experienced team at StrataGreen.

Professional On Site Safety Australia

Here you'll find a range of products from big brands in the safety industry that will improve your site safety so that you can keep your employees safe and focus on your work.

Whether you need some extra visibility for site personnel or eye protection for employees who work with dangerous materials, the onsite safety Australia experts at StrataGreen have got it covered.

Range of onsite safety products

We will empower you with all the necessary materials you need to have a perfect and safe site for employees and visitors alike. From barricade tape, reflective travel cones, spill kit and marking paint to even a first aid kit for your workers, we're here for whatever you need.

Prioritising Safe Work Sites

We understand that safety is a priority for businesses and services. Our mission is to provide you with excellent safety products, ensuring you are always safe onsite. Safety is our number one priority in all aspects of our business, including working with clients and manufacturing products.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of those around us. We have everything you need to keep you, your employees and the communities safe with high quality safety gear and products.

Spill Control

We have the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to prevent accidents in your workshop or shed. This Spill Control Kit is ideal for those who want extra safety against all kinds of spills, such as hazardous liquid or oil spills. It is suitable for midsized chemical store sheds and workshops.

The kit has a large oil/liquid absorbent pad to soak up spills. This universal product also comes with a spill-control kit bag which is great for storage when not in use and also for easy transportation if needed.

Contact The Onsite Safety Australia Experts

Are you working in construction or mining sites? Need assistance in finding the best safety products to suit your project requirements?

Onsite Safety Australia Wide

It doesn't matter where you are in Australia. From New South Wales to Western Australia, we provide Australia-wide shipping. Contact us today and let us assist you, from creating your account to getting free quotes!