Biotek Jute Matting - 800gsm

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Bio-Tek Jute Matting is a 100% biodegradable and organic Geotextile that is used for soil stabilisation, weed suppression, erosion control and moisture retention. Bio-Tek Jute Matting is manufactured with a 5oz hessian scrim for increased life and durability. Life expectancy for Bio-Tek Jute Matting is 18 months to 3 years depending on site conditions. Bio-Tek Jute Matting is available in two grades - 500gsm and 800gsm.

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Benefits of Bio-Tek Jute Matting

  • Bio-Tek Jute forms as mulch that suppresses weed growth and increases moisture retention in the soil to aid in the establishment of long term vegetation.
  • Bio-Tek Jute is 100% organic and bio-degradable.
  • Excellent method of stabilising slopes and channels while waiting for vegetation to establish.
  • Can be easily fastened with steel or bio-degradable pins.
  • Bio-Tek Jute is excellent for moisture retention, reducing watering needs, freeing up time and money.
  • Available pre-split for ease of planting into.
  • Bio-Tek Jute has hygroscopic properties (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air)

Product Specifications
Roll Size - 1.83m wide x 25m long roll Product weight - 800 grams per sqm Product Thickness - 8mm Life Expectancy - 24-36 months


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