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Erosion Control

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Coir Matting Provides Erosion Control to Hillside

Heavy rains can create runoff that over time causes erosion. When a slope’s topsoil rolls down, vegetation struggles to root, and the potential for dangerous mudslides are high. New developments often disturb the topsoil of an area leaving it particularly vulnerable to erosion. One natural, long-term way to counteract the effects of building development is to utilise coir matting for erosion control. Coir matting is a biodegradable fibre made primarily from coconut that lasts 4-6 years and is naturally resistant to mould and rot. Its durable mesh provides protection and stability to hillsides and assists with seed germination, protecting them from runoff allowing them to take root. In effect, when coir matting is used for erosion control it contributes to the replanting of areas in danger of erosion. StrataGreen offers coir matting in various sizes and weights so you can select a matting that is suitable to your project area.

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