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How to build your own gabion firepit

Category: General News | Published on 06-September-2021 08:10:36

Guaranteed DIY & Creative!

There’s nothing cozier than flames crackling in your homemade firepit in your garden. Picture roasting potatoes and corncobs on those cool evenings! With a few simple tools and materials, you can create your own firepit.
Guaranteed DIY & Creative!

Materials needed:

• 3 panels of 2x1m Rhinoweld welded gabion mesh
• 2 panels of 2x 0.5m Rhinoweld welded gabion mesh
• 1-2 tons of limestone rocks
• 1200mm Steel firepit bowl
• Zinc Paint
• 4m² Filtermaxx geotextile

Tools you need:

• Spirit Level
• Angle grinder with cut off wheel or bolt cutters
• Welder and helmet
• Paint brush

1.Scope out a place in your backyard away from burnable materials and plants
Ensure the surface is flat and level. We built our firepit on sand, but you can build a firepit on any surface.

2.Cut the Rhinoweld welded gabion mesh base to the required diameter.
In this case the diameter was 1300 cm. We recommend using an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel but bolt cutters also work.

Then, tack weld the base to the outside as seen below.

3. When happy with location, lay geotextile under the base as a filter barrier.
Start filling the Rhinoweld welded mesh gabions with your desired stone. In this case we used about 2 trailers of limestone biscuit from Soil aint Soils.

Note: This is a critical part in making your firepit stand out and look neat. The more carefully the rocks are layered the nicer it will look, so take your time here and use flat rocks where desired.

4. Cut the top circle (1300 diameter) and track-weld to the sides using the welder.

5. Cut the inner circle so the fire bowl can be recessed. Coat the welds and cut ends with zinc paint to protect the mesh from rusting.

6. Complete the stone laying ensuring a tight fit. You may need to trim some rock to make them fit perfect. Use a hammer or chisel to shape the stone.

7.Place the steel firepit bowl in the recess. The bowl should sit on the mesh and shouldn’t rock.
That’s it! Now it’s time to invite family & friends, inspire them to consider an upgrade to their garden too!
Light a fire, keep warm and bring on the marshmallows !!

For tips & tricks regarding your specific situation, feel free to reach out to our firepit expert Gavin Fawkes on 1300 866 367 or email


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