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Out on Boodja

Category: General News | Published on 23-October-2019 08:00:05

Working with Students on Boodja: Natural Management Project – Mokidup Revitalization

Hampton Senior High School and St Mary MacKillop College were involved in the restabilising of the dune system and cultural site of Mookidup, with rolls of Biotek Coir mesh matting being rolled out to prevent dune erosion.(Image: Above Imagery)

The Wadandi Elders and Cultural custodians have been working towards a more sustainable future by improving the management of local areas including Mokidup (Ellensbrook). The main focus of this project was on stabilizing the dunes, removing local weeds and educating the public on the Wadandi history of the area.

Mokidup is a culturally significant place that combines an ecological restoration project and an educational project to learn about the Wadandi and European history. The project has provided encouragement and a greater understanding by local visitors and the community on how we must look after this important cultural landscape.

Students helping with Undalup Association Natural Resource Management (NRM) projects “Out on Boodja” were Perth schools Hampton Senior High School and the Rover Scouts as well St Mary McKillop College in Busselton. Students and teachers helped with the re-establishing of the dune systems at Mokidup (Ellensbrook) by rolling out Biotek® Coir Mesh matting. Everyone had a great time with a Cultural presentation from Wadandi Cultural Custodians Wayne and Zac Webb, all students enjoyed the outings, engaging in the Cultural display and talking with Wadandi Elders and Custodians. Thanks to all the students and teachers and the Undalup Volunteers for a job well done.

Our Cultural Leaders received some heartfelt feedback from the Hampton Senior High Principal, ”As you know, my aim for the camp was to provide my Follow the Dream Aboriginal students with a chance to work alongside students from our Bushranger Cadets in order to build a shared acknowledgement of Aboriginal culture and sustainable environmental action. The secondary purpose was for each student to be challenged to develop their interpersonal skills and self-discipline… As a group they now have a shared connection across cultures and year groups, have each demonstrated increased leadership skills and increased engagement with their studies since returning to school.”



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