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Save time and money when planting with premium soil conditioner

Category: General News | Published on 16-December-2020 14:50:39

StrataGreen especially prides itself in working together with reknowned high quality brands and products. We do this to ensure our customers complete their projects successfully. “We are always happy to hear back from our customers after the projects have been finished”, says Founder Selby Sharpe. “There’s nothing better than our personal connection and knowing that you have supported important landscaping and environmental projects.”

StrataGreen has a large range of products, but is genuinely proud of their soil conditioner, TerraCottem. It is a soil conditioning technology, made up of more than 20 components form six different groups, all assisting plant growth processes in a synergetic way.

The feedback we receive from landscapers and councils is very positive. When TerraCottem was developed after extensive scientific research in 1983, the goal was to improve the capability of dry soils to retain and provide water and nutrients. The TerraCottem mixture significantly improves the capability of soils to retain water and also promotes biomass production and plant growth. Especially dry regions benefit from this soil conditioner because landscapers and councils save water and maintenance costs. Plus, the plantings are sustainable and last for years. Once TerraCottem is applied, trees show longer survival rates and do not have to be replaced as often. “Our customers save money by not having to replace plants with new plants as often, and therefore they save labour costs”, StrataGreen Manager Tim Sharpe adds. A win win: For the environment and for landscapers.

Simply add TerraCottem to the soil when planting. The plants survival rate will increase, more roots will grow, and you save water.

If you have any questions about our scientifically proven soil conditioner TerraCottem, please get in touch with our StratGreen Team who have more than 70+ years of combined industry experience. StrataGreen further offers an extensive inventory of tools, equipment and supplies for landscapers, councils and horticulturalists. We are known to be the one-stop-shop for many customers across Australia who enjoy the convenience of shopping Online.
Did you know? If your order of TerraCottem is less than 100kg, freight is free Australia wide.

Find our range of TerraCottem products here

See how TerraCottem works at root level.


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