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StrataGreen in business for 20 years

Category: General News | Published on 25-October-2021 10:50:37

Josh and Darren from “Green Thumbs Up” met Tim and Selby Sharpe from StrataGreen to talk about StrataGreen’s history. In the center of attention was StrataGreen’s 20th birthday which marks a key milestone this year..

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StrataGreen is the One-Stop-Shop

One Stop Shop
Tim explains that StrataGreen is the One-Stop-Shop for landscaping supplies. With more than 3000 different product lines, StrataGreen has huge range and makes sure customers get what they need. Covering landscaping tools, as well as erosion control products, biodegradable jute and mesh options. StrataGreen further stocks fertilisers, chemicals, herbicides, geotextiles products, landscaping edging and soil conditioners. Pellenc battery powered tools are the latest innovation in the range. “There is definitely growing demand for these products, esp. in councils, because the products are safe and offer many health benefits for the user and the community”, says Tim.

TerraCottem is the premium Product

TerraCottem is the premium soil conditioning technology
StrataGreen offer a range of soil conditioner. The most popular soil conditioner in the range is TerraCottem. It is the leading soil conditioning technology that helps gardeners and landscapers achieve successful planting projects despite the challenging effects of poor soils and climate change. Not all soils are conducive to good plant growth. Many soils need to be amended or conditioned. TerraCottem soil conditioners work at the plant’s root level. They are mixed with the soil when planting. Each TerraCottem soil conditioner contains nutritive, growth stimulating and water absorbing components. They all work in synergy to stimulate root development and plant growth, even in poor and degraded soils.Find out more about StrataGreen’s history, the anniversary and goals in the Green Thumbs Up Podcast Here


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