Introducing Battery Powered hand tools for Landscapers

We are increasing our battery powered range this year with high quality landscape and maintenance tools from PELLENC. These tools are not only extremely powerful but also noise-free and light. The aim was to offer a range of tools with the same levels of performance (power, battery life, etc.) as their motor equivalents, but without Co2 emissions and with noise levels below the legal threshold requiring the wearing of ear protection. One can say these they even outrank many established fuel powered competitors. Find out more about the technology of these powerful products.

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Featured Products

The lightest professional mower

Combine productivity and autonomy with this range of mowers, designed to improve your working conditions. The RASION mower range is extremely easy to handle, lightweight and compact. These mowers offer professional power, are easy to transport and offer outstanding mowing quality.

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The professional solution for mowing your lawn quietly

The RASION 2 range of mowers has been designed to work quietly in order to respect the well-being of the user and the surrounding environment, while maintaining professional efficiency. Very easy to handle, light and compact, Rasion 2 is easy to transport and offers exceptional mowing quality. An efficient machine that incorporates a new electronic management system with an IMS* circuit board, which allows for improved heat dissipation.

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So light your hand can relax

Weighing 2.55 kg, and with a patented design, the Airion 3 blower is easy to use and durable in any climate conditions. Designed to meet professional demands for reliability, power and efficiency, the Airion 3 blower can also be used for several hours without fatigue or tension, especially in the wrist. Quiet and powerful, it is effective in an urban setting, near sensitive areas, and in parks and gardens.

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Power & Precision

Trimmers are efficient tools that meet the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Their odourless operation and light weight allow the user to work comfortably when trimming hedges, ornamental trees and also for pruning with the new HELION 2 COMPACT.

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Petrol has run its course

The new Helion Alpha professional hedge-trimmer is well balanced with an optimal centre of gravity. With its on-board 260 battery, it is always ready to use for up to 4 hours of work. This efficient tool ensures a very impressive performance and can make cuts of up to 33 mm in diameter. And its virtual silence in operation will easily win over those few remaining users of petrol-fuelled tools.

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A powerful, light, multi-function brush cutter

The powerful new Excelion Alpha professional grass strimmer and its 520 on-board battery compare very favourably with petrol-fuelled machines. Its new design makes it easy to use while also ensuring manoeuvrability and a quick working pace. Its productivity is convincing with a motor speed of up to 6,400 rpm and an average battery life of 3 hours. Its versatility makes it suitable for cutting tall and dense grass as well as for finishing work.

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The pruning revolution

PELLENC has designed the most innovative vine pruning shear on the market. VINION is perfect for vine growers seeking lightness, ergonomics, ease of use and precision—a veritable high-tech revolution. The VINION pruning shear was designed to meet every expectation.

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Lightweight, multi function pole pruner

The Selion Telescopic range of fixed and telescopic pole pruners are ideal for your overhead pruning work. They are lightweight, and their cutting precision is equalled only by their ease of handling Suitable for use both in urban environments and in forest or farm work, Selion Pole pruners are powerful and versatile.

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Gentle yet powerful cutting

Ultra-lightweight, weighing only 1.95 kg, the Selion M12 chainsaw pruner has the advantage of efficiency for you and your teams. Its easy handling and versatility make it the ideal tool for tree growers, vine growers, and landscaping professionals. Its exclusive design is focused on the user, making it an indispensable tool for fast and precise pruning.

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4.4lbs of power and precision in your hands

Easy to use, powerful, and lighter than any of its competitors, when it comes to power and precision the Selion C21 HD pruner will satisfy all your requirements. With enough battery life for a full day of work, it has been designed to facilitate the work of pruners and reduce the strain on the user. The Selion C21 HD pruner model has many innovative features which make it a vital tool for professionals seeking to combine safety, handling, and power.

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