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Trees are an important part of our environment and they need to be cared for. When it comes to tree planting, we often remember tree stakes but not tree ties. Trees can grow quickly and if not properly staked can cause damage to the trunk or roots.

At StrataGreen, we curate our tree tie products bearing in mind different needs and quantity, which is also shown through our tree ties collection.

Wide Tree Tie Range Available

We stock a wide range of tree ties suitable for a range of applications. To find out more details or for help ordering online, contact our helpful team today. Make garden staking easy and watch your plants and trees flourish thanks to the added strength provided through adjustable tree ties.

StrataGreen Tree Tie Range

StrataGreen tree ties range has all types of tree ties that are not only long lasting, but also reusable and biodegradable such as Bio-Tek Hessian Tree Ties.

They are made from natural materials and do not require any chemicals in their production process. As a result, they don't harm the environment and are gentle on the trees, plants and shrubs! Our range of Bio-Tek Hessian Tree Ties are also easy to use - simply cut to the desired length and wrap the tie around plant and post or stake and increase overlap for added strength.

Tree Ties have been reinforced with a strong fibrous netting which gives it its strength and support. It is made from natural fibre that can be used to support trees in your garden, helping them thrive and grow.

Read more about the different types of tree ties we have on offer below.

Heavy Duty Flat Tree Ties

Unlike soft fabric tree ties, our range of Heavy Duty Flat Tree Ties have been designed with a durable white PVC casing that is elastic and strong, allowing the tree tie to move with the growth of the plants while still providing a secure hold.

It can stretch up to 300% its own length and is an elastic, strong tie that will not break or crack in extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for larger jobs. It will ensure the sapling is not choked as it grows.

Maxilock Tree Ties

Maxilock Tree Ties are a fast and secure way for securing tree to stake. Simply push the tree tie through itself and twist to secure.

Chainlock Rubber Tree Ties are similar to Maxilock Tree Ties but are made from UV stabilised rubber, making it soft and gentler to plants' stems.

Easy Tie Rubber Tree Ties

Easy Tie Rubber Tree Ties comes in handy packs for all your tying needs. It's an innovative product and expands in length as your tree grows. It has a long-life expectancy of 3-5 years. They're made from a durable compound for maximum stretch.

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Looking to plant a tree?

If you're looking to plant trees, purchase your tree planting needs from StrataGreen today. Note to add our FREE Landscape Directory at checkout, to further explore our product range.

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Have questions on a particular tree tie item? Prefer to pay over the phone? Have a specific quantity in mind? Contact our helpful team at HOTLINE 1300 866 367.

Australia Wide Tree Tie Delivery

With warehouse locations in WA and NSW, take advantage of our Australia wide delivery and receive tree ties right at your front door!