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Weeding is an essential part of the landscape and gardening and having the right tool for removing weeds in your garden is essential.

Weeds in the ground, in flower beds or on your garden lawn are a clear sign of an unattended and neglected garden. The regular removal of weeds with efficient weed removal tools is a healthy habit that helps eliminate all the extra growth of unwanted plants and weeds in your home garden, keeping it clean and organized.

Not only do pesky weeds such as dandelions compete with your garden plants for space, water and nutrients, but they also attract insects such as mosquitoes and affect your garden soil. They can also cause soil erosion, damage turf-grass lawn and ruin many surfaces such as block walls and patio pavers. If you notice small plants and weeds in your yard and garden, it's essential to dig them out and get rid of them before they have a chance to spread further and cause damage to your garden, soil and surrounding plants.

Not only does weeding make your garden look neater and cleaner overall, it also has unexpected advantages, such as altering the micro-climate in the ground below the plants, allowing more sunlight and wind to penetrate deeper into the soil and reducing humidity. These changes can have a positive impact on your garden, reducing pest populations and some plant diseases while improving your soil. In addition, eliminating weeds helps loosen compacted soil for better root development and healthier plants in your home garden and gardening projects.

There are many ways to reduce the time you spend gardening, weeding or removing unwanted plants and weeds from your garden. One of the most popular methods for keeping weeds at bay is mulching your raised beds with organic material or inorganic materials, or using a weed suppressing layer made of fabric or plastic. Another way to deal with and eliminate weeds is through deadheading (removing) them with weed removing tools that have a sharp blade, especially before they go to seed.

Ensuring you have the correct weeder tool, such as a long handled Tree Popper, steel blade weeding tool or serrated edge weeder tool, will help to make removing weeds from your garden an easy and pleasurable task.


Weeding may sound old-fashioned, but removing weeds such as dandelions from your garden beds and lawn with the correct weeding tool is a highly effective way of keeping your garden and soil healthy.

Better yet, this process of removing weeds with quality weeder tools means not having to use chemicals or other harmful substances that may affect surrounding garden beds, soil, patio pavers, water features and living creatures. Using weeder tools also means no extra cost for expensive gardening chemicals and a healthy, toxic free garden with soil that's ready for planting.


To maintain an organic garden that is free of toxic chemicals, hand-weed with reliable tools to keep your garden and plants healthy. To keep your garden fresh, vibrant and ready for planting, weed your garden every few weeks with high quality weeding tools with a sharp blade, making sure to pull out and remove any deep roots and weeds.

You can eliminate concerns about chemicals in your garden soil by hand-weeding your garden with quality short handled and long handled weeder tools instead of spraying for weeds. Hand weeding with a reliable weeder tool with a sharp steel blade is the best way to ensure your vegetables are safe to eat while still maintaining a clean and well-kept garden. As a bonus, you'll get an excellent workout, spend some outdoor time and release some endorphins!


StrataGreen stocks a wide range of weeder tools to suit any type of weeding job and a range of weeding tasks, such as deadheading, removing shallow roots and eliminating weeds in the garden. Our experienced team will also be able to help you find the perfect tool for your weeding requirements.


Each weeding tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Finding the best garden tools for you depends on several factors—the type of weed, if the weed has deep roots that require digging, the length of the weeds roots, the type of soil surface, your hand strength and dexterity and your ability to kneel and reach down to remove weeds.

You should also consider how much time you have because weeding without the correct weed puller tools can sometimes be tedious. Some plants have robust root systems or some large root balls and runners in the ground or stolons that make it difficult to pull out and may require extra digging or specific weeder tools. You also need to make sure your weeding tool is sturdy and durable and wont break easily. But whatever the case may be, there is always a way to find success in getting rid of weeds from your garden with handy stainless steel weeding tools.

With a range of sturdy long handle, short handle and weeding tools with telescopic handles, StrataGreen will be able to assist you in finding the best weed puller tool for breaking up soil and for digging out and removing weeds in your garden. With the right tools at an affordable price, you'll be able to make light work of the weeds in your garden.


For us, the best weeding tool solution for removing weeds would be our Tree Poppers; these unique, lightweight, handy and easy use weeding tools are ideal for gardeners wanting the instant removal of woody weeds and deep roots. With its durable and ergonomic design, Tree Poppers are able to easily push into garden soil to remove weeds and deep roots, making it a perfect tool for any size weeding job.

These durable, sturdy and handy weeder tools are becoming a more popular weed removal tool alternative to stem scrape & cut and poison weed control methods. Available in short and long handled models, this lightweight and sturdy stainless steel weeder tool makes it easier to extract weeds without the need for extensive digging or bending over on your hands and knees. This professional tool makes short work of weeds and is available in short and long handled models, making it the perfect tool for a wide range of gardening and weed removal needs.


The Tree Popper features a simple, ergonomic design that provides excellent durability, ease of use when digging into the ground and pulling weeds out and can withstand heavy use over time. These features make the Tree Popper weed puller tool a favourite weed removing tool among owner-operators, gardeners and volunteers for removing weeds in the garden without the need for extensive digging. The long handled tree popper is exceptionally popular as it makes it easier to extract weeds without the need for bending over on your hands and knees.

Using our Tree Poppers' lever principle, the blade of this versatile tool will dig into the ground soil and grasp the weed at the base of the stem, proceeding to pull the whole plant straight out of the ground, without affecting nearby garden beds, plants, pavers or your garden environment. The Tree Popper blade can also help by breaking up soil after the weeds have been removed, making the soil ready for planting new plants and trees.

There are three sizes available (small, medium, and large) for this weeding tool, with different length handles. The long handle large tree popper weeding tool features an ergonomic handle and ergonomic design, with the equivalent puling power of 10 times the operator's weight, making this long handled weeding tool perfect when removing larger weeds and when you have to pull out deeper roots, as no digging is required. The short handle tree popper weeding tool is the perfect size tool for gardeners when removing lots of tiny seedlings, shallow roots and small weeds found at ground level or in tight spaces, such as dandelions.

Due to their compact size, Tree Poppers are easy to place in storage when they aren't being used.


Market leader StrataGreen stock a wide range of the best weeding tools that are just what your garden needs, with durable weed pullers and weed cutter tools available at an affordable price. Our professional and experienced team aim to provide a solution for every weeding task and work to identify the perfect weeding tool, no matter your requirements.

Our range of brand new, durable weed pullers includes sturdy stainless steel gardening tools, long handled tools, short handled tools, dandelion weeder tool, dutch hoe, hardwood handle weeding tools, stainless steel weed pullers, serrated edge blade tools, carbon steel blade weed pulling tools, fishtail weeder, forked tip weeder and more.

We are happy to assist every customer in all their weeding tools & weed puller needs for their gardening projects. Our expert team will be able to assist in your search to find the best weeding tools for removing weeds in your garden.

Contact us today on 1300 866 367, email at [email protected] or use our chat feature on the homepage for more details about how to purchase items from our range of high quality tools for digging out and removing garden weeds.

Our helpful staff can also provide many helpful gardening and weeding tips, the best ways to remove weeds in your garden and the best weed puller tools to purchase for your garden project. Please take advantage of our great service, Australia-wide shipping on all our gardening tools or pick-up feature from our Canning Vale, WA showroom.