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Soil conditioners are organic materials, full of rich organic matter content that improve soil structure, help plants water retention, enhance root growth and provide nutrition for plant growth. They loosen up compacted and hard clay soil, releasing locked up nutrients and can include compost, manure, organic soil conditioners and soil concentrates.


These materials can be used to improve poor soils and existing sand or supplement good soils and root growth, creating a complete garden with organic soil conditioners. Browse our wide range of fertilizer, soil concentrates, organic soil conditioners and inorganic soil conditioners and create a complete garden soil.

TerraCottem Soil Conditioner

Each TerraCottem soil conditioner contains a combination of water absorbing, growth stimulating and nutritive components. They all work in synergy, stimulating microbial activity, adding plant nutrients and stimulating root development when mixed with soil, increasing aeration and plant growth even when planting in poor and degraded garden soils.

The effect is twofold: you get sustainable healthy plant growth & savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even when planting your new plants under challenging conditions. TerraCottem Universal is the "original" TerraCottem Soil Conditioner, however all TerraCottem variations suit a range of soil types.

Clay Soils

Clay soils tend to compact easily, which limits aeration and drainage. Adding organic matter like screened peat moss or composted organics helps make compacted clay soils more porous and improves their ability to hold nutrients and water.

Organic matter can be purchased in the form of peat moss or a rich black compost; it's also possible to add organic material like leaves, grass clippings, compost or manure.

Sandy Soils

If you have sandy soils, you may have noticed that they don't retain water or nutrients well, leading to dry conditions that stress plants and make them more susceptible to disease. Using organic matter and irrigation can help sandier soils store more water and increase the time between watering cycles.

Bentonite Clay incorporated into sandy soil aids soil wettability (the ability of a liquid or gas to spread out over a surface), increases water holding capacity (the amount of moisture that fills pore spaces within the soil), improves nutrient retention (adds nutrients to live organisms in a habitat) to maintain and protect and enhances biological activity (the process by which organisms interact with one another).


When adding organic matter to existing soil, make sure that it is free of weed seeds and disease organisms by purchasing only from reputable sources; ideally, try to buy locally produced material so that it hasn't been sitting around for a long time before use.

Avoid using soil conditioner and composts with a high nitrogen or salt content, or compost that has been sitting around for a long time before use (more than six months).

Plant Rejuvenators and Soil Conditioners

Soil conditioners are a great way to improve poor quality soil, but they're not the only additional nutrient options. Many other organic materials can be used as soil amendments such as composts, peat moss and manure.

TerraCottem soil conditioner offers a holistic approach to plant growth. This effective mixture of more than 20 components works in a synergetic way to significantly improve soil quality, water and nutrient retention for healthier plant growth. TerraCottem ensures that trees, lawns, shrubs, gardens and plants grow healthy and strong all year. Across Australia, TerraCottem achieves excellent project outcomes resulting in greener, healthier and more liveable landscapes for the community.

High Quality Soil Conditioner For Garden Soil

If you want to add some trace elements and nutrients back into your garden soil without spending a lot of money on fertilisers, combining these soil conditioner materials will help your garden achieve that goal, allowing microorganisms to thrive and keeping your plants in peak condition.

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