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Many soils become hydrophobic over time. Hydrophobic soils have decomposing organic matter, which leaves soil particles with a waxy coating that repels water and stops it from penetrating. Wetting agents help control evaporation during the early stages of germination, help remove toxic residues and dramatically improve soil.

These wetting agents usually come in a granular or liquid form and can be spread by hand or a seed spreader to the entire soil surface. It works hand in hand with soil conditioners. The soil conditioner promotes the development of good soil structure to avoid stress and a soil wetter increases the wettability of hard to wet topsoil without needing acidic materials.

Keep your lawn and gardens lush and thriving in the simplest way. These granular products help increase the soil's moisture and substantially reduces the surface tension of water to ensure the soil doesn't repel liquids, improving infiltration into a hydrophobic soil surface.


Do you have sandy soil surfaces, loamy soils, dry patches or lifeless soils that are compacted together?

A soil wetter breaks up water-repellent soil, increases longevity of nitrogen and stimulates the growth of beneficial soil microbes. Soil wetting agents are essential for seedlings, pot plants and transplants because it breaks up hydrophobic soil compacted by traffic, rain and wind. A soil wetting agent also improves retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients.


Hydrophobic soils can be hard to penetrate without the use of a soil wetter which ensures maximum retention in hydrophobic sandy soils. A wetting agent prepares the soil profile for germination, encourages healthy growth and improves drainage in even the most environmentally sensitive areas. A soil wetting agent remains active for many months, making watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective.

If you're moving your plants to a new location, soil wetters may be the answer to break up compacted soil and help effectively water the root zone. Wetting agents help to ensure that they get the right amount of water at all stages of growth, without the need for harsh chemicals. This makes it easier to transplant new plants, giving you healthier, more consistent yields. Wetting agents not only improve soil, but assist in saving water, making your soil and leaf surface more drought resistant.

We know dry weather conditions and hot temperatures will affect growth. If you've ever watered your plants on a warm day with the sun beating down and later found that they haven't absorbed any water, you know what it's like to feel as if you're watering in vain.

With wetting agents providing more retention in the soil, you're not only saving water but ensuring your plants receive the nutrient uptake they need to thrive during dry seasons.


Water Penetration

Soil Wetters allow deeper penetration of water into all soil including hydrophobic soils.

The unique liquid soil wetting agent formula retards dry, water repellent soil, maximising nutrient uptake and reducing the drying of the soil. These beneficial properties ensure plants withstand and thrive even during drought, making them more productive and healthier.

Soil Structure

The liquid composts included within the wetting agents formula help condition and improve the soil itself, creating a better-growing environment. Our range of products assists absorption and improves retention of water in dry soil.

Browse a wide range of wetting agents such as Envirosoak (liquid and granular), or a water retainer that retains moisture, such as Aqualock, Eco-Wet range from EcoGrowth, TreeMasta, surfactants and many more wetting agents suitable for a range of soils.


Aqualock Retain is not simply an aquatic safe wetting agent but rather a new cutting edge colloidal technology solution designed to enhance the way plants access, absorb and use soil moisture.

Aqualock contains a combination of polymers which reduce evaporation by absorbing and storing water as microscopic droplets on roots and soil particles. This significantly improves the utilization of irrigation, light rainfall, dew and humidity at the root zone.

Because plants have access to higher levels of soil moisture, moisture stress is reduced significantly. On average, the time taken for two wilt events to occur where Aqualock is applied, is double that of plain water applications.

Aqualock will also encourage deeper water penetration and more uniform wetting by reducing the water repellency of non-wetting soil types.


Eco-Wet® is a unique wetter designed for fast penetration with longevity; that holds water in even the sandiest soil types.

Eco-Wet® demonstrates its ability retaining moisture by spreading water through the soil profile like ink on blotting paper. These characteristics make Eco-Wet® ideal for irrigation, boom, in furrow and tanker application.

Eco-Wet® has a fast acting formulation that enhances soil and encourages beneficial microbial activity in order to maintain long lasting wet-ability in waxy sands, heavy clay soils and normally water repellent soils. Eco-Wet® differs from normal soil wetters, containing natural polymers, which physically improves the soil structure without damaging it. The added natural polymer acts like a sponge, creating a long-lasting wetting effect that can continue for a long period of time.


EnviroSoak Liquid Soil Wetter is an effective long term soil wetting agent.

It is ideal for the treatment and prevention of water repellent soils, generally in lawns, garden beds and around trees. Wetting agents like Envirosoak evenly re-wets the soil and prevents run-off, improves water penetration by reducing surface tension and has very low phytotoxicity.

EnviroSoak wetting agents can also be safely mixed with water containing any of Manutec's range of soluble fertiliser, to give a rich and even penetration of fertiliser into the soil. 1 Litre of EnviroSoak Concentrate treats 200-400 square metres.


TREEMASTA is a blend of ENVIROSOAK Soil Wetter and combines premium complex organic compounds such as Kelp, Fish, Humate and Nitrogen source specifically developed for use as a tree watering additive.

It stimulates a broad range of microbes to improve soil functions and provides a small amount of compatible Nitrogen sources to help improve plant and tree growth. TREEMASTA wetting agents are especially valuable when planting new trees and for improved growth and productivity of existing trees.

For all your soil wetting agent needs, contact the helpful team at StrataGreen. Our wide range of horticultural supplies includes soil conditioner, fertilisers, pest control solutions, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, mulches and more.