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Soil Wetter Supplier Saves Your Development

Your client, a hotel tycoon, known for their exquisite landscaping, is flying into town to check on their newly built hotel in a few weeks. Everyone on your team has done everything possible to ensure that the landscaping is in place. Everything should be looking great, but the grass won’t grow and the flowers and bushes transferred in are dying. Your mate gave their second opinion and suggested that water did not have enough opportunity to penetrate the soil before it ran down the property’s hillside. They suggested you call the best soil wetter supplier in the Perth Metro area, StrataGreen. As landscaping tools, equipment, and consumables such as soil wetter suppliers, our highly experienced team can discuss your plants and help you choose the right surfactant for your hotel development.

Soil wetting agents maximise the spread and penetration of water into the soil by reducing its surface tension. This enhances the effectiveness of your hillside irrigation system without increasing your water usage. We carry a broad range of wetting agents in our Canning Vale store and online where you can shop with secure payment features. As a soil wetter supplier, StrataGreen offers rapid dispatch (usually within one business day) with direct-to-site options allowing you to remedy your plant problem before it’s too late. Our friendly and experienced staff will assist you in all ordering needs. Join our community of landscapers and developers for the latest tips and techniques to make your future projects a breeze.