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  • Apparent Halosulfuron 750 - 25gms

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  • Apparent Halosulfuron 750 - 500gms

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  • Apparent MCPA 750 - 1000Ltr

    $14,883.00 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent MCPA 750 - 110Ltr

    $1,851.30 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent MCPA 750 - 20Ltr

    $335.78 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent MCPA 750 - 5Ltr

    $141.57 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent Pilferer 500SC - 20Ltr

    $1,016.40 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent Quizalofop 200 StrataGreen

    Apparent Quizalofop 200,10 litre

    $353.93 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent Ravage - 1Ltr

    $36.30 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent Ravage - 20Ltr

    $353.93 inc GST Buy Now
  • Apparent Ravage - 5Ltr

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  • Apparent Salvo 212 Herbicide - 1ltr

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  • Apparent Salvo 212 Herbicide - 20ltr

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  • Apparent Simazine

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  • Apparent Sword Chlorsulfuron - 1kg

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  • Apparent Weedy Seedy - 100Ltr

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Control Weeds With High Quality Herbicides

Our Herbicides category offers a comprehensive selection of effective control for weed and pest control. At Stratagreen, we understand the challenges faced by homeowners, landscapers, and agricultural professionals when it comes to managing unwanted vegetation. Weeds can deprive crops and gardens of much need nutrition, water and sunlight. With our range of high-quality selective herbicides and non selective herbicides, you can effectively tackle weed infestations and maintain healthy and vibrant landscapes that are resistant to weeds.

Our range includes renowned brands such as Apparent, Indigo Specialty, Fusilade, and Dismiss. From Amine 625 and Glyphosate 450 to Ravage and Slasher Weedkiller, each herbicide is formulated to deliver exceptional performance and reliable results. These products have been developed with the latest advancements in weed control technology, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in eradicating unwanted vegetation while minimising harm to desired plants and crops.

To find out more about the range of herbicides we have available, contact our helpful team.

Non Selective & Selective Herbicides

The herbicides offered on this website are specially formulated to control weeds and ensure effective weed control. These herbicides come in both selective and non-selective variations, allowing you to target specific weed types such as broadleaf weeds. Effective control of weed populations is crucial, especially to combat herbicide resistance. The herbicides available on this platform are designed to inhibit weed growth while minimising any adverse effects on soil and desired plants.

Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, is included in the range of herbicides offered. With different chemical groups and resistance management solutions, these herbicides are suitable for various crops, including wheat, cotton, and pastures. The website provides comprehensive information on the chemicals, modes of action, and registered products, enabling users to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions in the field.

Whether you need herbicides for a residential gardens, a large commercial space or development, or agricultural applications, we have you covered. Our diverse range caters to different quantities, allowing you to choose the appropriate volume for your specific growth requirements.

Need help with recognising the weed in your lawn? Trying to get ways to control weeds with herbicide resistance? Check out our Solution Finder page for further information!