StraightCurve Flexline Edging - Weathering Steel - 75mm

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StraightCurve Steel Landscape Edging can help you maintain a tidy looking landscape by acting as a lawn barrier, creating tree rings or by defining stone paths and feature areas.

StraightCurve is flexible so you can easily guide and shape it to match the landscape edge you need. You can even form a straight 2.2m length into a round tree ring.

DIY installation is easy with fixed connector plates, guide holes and lock in pegs. Minimal tools and expertise is required to get the perfect result.

The natural rustic surface of StraightCurve weathering steel gives you an attractive looking edge whilst also protecting the steel within for assured longevity and strength.

If you desire a long lasting, cost effective landscape edge with no fear of buckling, cracking or shifting then StraightCurve Steel Landscape Edge is your solution.

All necessary fixing pins are included in the price of the edging lengths.

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75mm high x 2.2m long


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