Clogger Reflective Chainsaw Vest - Small

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The Clogger Reflective Chainsaw Vest is an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone working with chainsaws from an EPV bucket or above waist height. Accidental contact with the waist or shoulders can be dangerous, but with the Clogger Reflective Chainsaw Vest, you can work with confidence and peace of mind.

The vest is available in two styles, the HCV for normal daytime use and the HCVR which has lime fabric and high visibility tape for increased visibility in low light conditions. Both models feature layers of 'ARRESTEX' fabric to the upper chest and shoulder area, providing a high degree of protection in the event of kickback.

Not only they were designed with safety in mind, but it also offers comfort and practicality. The rugged zip fastening ensures that the vest stays securely in place, while the internal pockets provide a convenient place to store small tools or personal items.

This product is a must-have for anyone working with chainsaws at height. Its protective features, combined with its comfort and practicality, make it an essential piece of safety equipment for any professional or DIY landscaper. Invest in the Clogger Reflective Chainsaw Vest today and work with confidence and peace of mind.

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