Maxisafe Cut-Proof Glove - XLarge

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Introducing the Maxisafe Cut Proof Gloves, the ultimate solution for individuals seeking reliable hand protection when handling or sharpening wood chipper blades. These gloves combine the outstanding features of our popular gardening gloves, including the Super Grip coating, with the added benefit of Kenima reinforced woven fabric for enhanced cut resistance.

The Super Grip coating, known for its exceptional grip and dexterity, ensures a firm hold on tools and equipment, even in slippery conditions. This feature is particularly valuable when working with wood chipper blades, as it provides a secure grip for precise handling.

The Kenima reinforced woven fabric sets these gloves apart by offering superior protection against sharp objects. Whether you're handling wood chipper blades or engaging in other tasks that involve potential cut hazards, the specialized Kenima weave acts as a shield, reducing the risk of injuries.

Maxisafe Cut-Proof Glove - XLarge are designed specifically for professionals and enthusiasts who require robust hand protection in demanding environments. With their cut-resistant properties, they provide peace of mind and allow users to focus on their tasks without compromising safety.

The Maxisafe Cut Proof Gloves are recommended for individuals involved in wood chipper maintenance, including sharpening blades. They are engineered to withstand the rigors of such tasks, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Maxisafe Cut-Proof Glove - XLarge offer a winning combination of the Super Grip coating and Kenima reinforced woven fabric. With their superior grip, cut resistance, and specific suitability for handling and sharpening wood chipper blades, these gloves are a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing the necessary protection for safe and efficient work.

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