Borderline Horse Sighter Wire, 600m

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Border Line is the ultimate equine fencing solution, providing strength and safety. Made from a specially formulated, solid polymer monofilament, this system is robust and durable yet gentle enough to protect your horses from injury. Unlike traditional steel wire fences, Border Line eliminates the risk of horse injuries, making it the ideal choice for any equine environment.

With its high strength and white colour, Border Line is designed to protect and restrain horses like no other fencing system. Its polymer construction means it contains no steel wires, the leading cause of injuries to horses worldwide. By choosing Border Line for your equine fencing needs, you can rest assured that your horses are safe and secure.

Installation of a Border Line fence is quick and easy, significantly reducing the risk of horse injuries. This polymer fencing system is a safer choice for your stock, and it replaces traditional steel wire fences with a more modern and effective solution. So, if you're looking for a fencing system that is both strong and safe for your horses, look no further than Border Line.

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Border Line is the choice of professionals because it is strong yet forgiving, it has an internal memory, which means if impacted it will temporarily give way then return to its original tension, making it a safer fencing option.

  • Perfectly suited for smaller yards and top wire "sighter wire" applications
  • Softer and flexible, therefore easier on your hands
  • Recommended strain 3-4%
  • Works with our EvagripTM Anchors
  • Smooth round shape making it gentle on your hands during installation
  • Have peace of mind that your horse is safer
  • No steel
  • Tensionable
  • Highly visible
  • Very strong, yet lightweight
  • Won't peel or crack
  • Does not sag, fade or peel
  • Easy to install, saves time
  • UV resistant
  • No steel wire lacerations - reduced vet bills
  • No special tools needed for straining


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