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  • StrataGreen Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo canes - 20-22mm x 1800mm 100/pk

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  • Jarrah Tree Stake Black

    Hardwood Tree Stake 50x50x2400mm - Painted Black

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  • tree coach. tree stake. max bio. stonger healthy tree gym.

    Tree Coach MAX Bio

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes - 10-12mm x 600mm

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  • StrataGreen Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes - 20-22mm x 1200mm 100/pk

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  • StrataGreen Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes - 20-22mm x 1500mm 100/pk

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  • StrataGreen Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes - 23-25mm x 750mm 100/bale

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes - 6-8mm x 450mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 11-13mm x 1200mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 11-13mm x 910mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 15-17mm x 1500mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 16-18mm x 1800mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 8-10mm x 750mm

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  • Bamboo Canes

    Bamboo Canes 8-10mm x 910mm

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  • Bamboo Canes for Tree Guards

    Bamboo Canes for Tree Guards - 12-14mmx750mm

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  • BAMBOO CANES, 8-10MM X 900MM, 20/PK

    Bamboo Canes, 10-12mm x 1200mm, 15/pk

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Tree Stakes

It's spring, and you've finally finished planting the trees in your garden. After months of waiting and watching, they're finally growing into strong saplings that stand tall with beautiful green leaves. But as the rain beats down on them, it's easy for young trees to fall over or lean too far to one side—which can be disastrous for their long-term health. Luckily there are several tree stakes designed especially for better revegetation outcomes. Below we'll explain what these stakes are used for and how they work, then offer tips on choosing the best one for your needs!

Tree stakes hold young trees in place while they establish themselves.

Protect young, planted trees with Tree Stakes. Many stakes are available, but not all will suit your needs. Here's what you need to know:

What kinds of trees do you want to plant?

If the tree is relatively small and has a broad base, it can be held up with a stake made from bamboo or plastic (the latter being more durable). For more giant trees with narrower grounds, wood stakes may be necessary--although these should only be used as temporary measures until the roots have been established enough to support themselves.

What kind of materials will your stake consist of?

Bamboo is lightweight yet strong enough for most purposes; however, wooden ones are weather resistant and last longer than plastic which cracks over time due to sun exposure.

What kind of local weather conditions are you facing?

You'll need stakes at least 1200mm long so they go deep enough into the soil without coming back up through the surface when pushed down by windy conditions during storms.

What kind of budget are we working with?

Our range of tree stakes varies in price, and we want you to get the best products for economic means.

There are many tree stakes to choose from, and find what works best for you.

StrataGreen Jarrah Tree Stakes

We now supply sharpened hardwood, jarrah and pine stakes for a wide range of tree planting applications, from seedlings requiring longer-lasting stakes up to mature tree planting in roadside and urban applications. Stake dimensions of 25 x 25mm, 38 x38mm and 50 x 50mm in various lengths are available. Bamboo Canes help keep your saplings upright during the first summer after planting. They are a good choice because they're robust, easy to use and reusable.

StrataGreen stocks a large variety of different-sized bamboo canes for both nursery staking and revegetation projects.

Our range of uniquely plastic-free bamboo tree stakes provides a natural alternative to plastic tree stakes. Get organised in the garden and give your plants the support they need with StrataGreen's Natural Bamboo Canes. Made from strong and durable bamboo, perfect to use for plant and tree guard help. Bamboo canes are a great alternative to hardwood stakes for small to medium-sized plants. Available in various sizes to suit your project requirements.

Tree Guards

Don't forget to purchase tree ties and tree guards (check out our tree guards categories refine, including popular corflute tree guards and biodegradable tree guard) to be used with these stakes.

Aware of the supply issue for Jarrah tree stakes? Consider Tree Coach for your staking needs!

Staking the tree right the first time is critical for long-term tree health. The Australian-made Tree Coach is an all-in-one planting and watering system that allows trees to grow more naturally. GrowFlex technology allows the tree to move with the wind while being strongly supported by flexible stakes, giving it the necessary movement it needs to thrive.

With flexible tree stakes that allow trees to be tested and strengthened by the wind, Growflex Technology encourages better calliper, stem taper and significant root development. The result is healthier, more durable, mature trees with less root plate failure and stake damage than traditional staking.

Entirely manufactured from curbside waste and made in Australia. Tree Coach stakes can be recycled or reused, and the moisture-retained upper watering ring is also 100% recyclable when removed. Tree Coach incurs less water wastage than traditional staking.

Available in three different sizes (Small, Large and Max), Tree Coach is lightweight and safer to transport than traditional tree stakes and requires no heavy ramming machinery to install. This creates a safer environment for workers and the community. The Tree Coach BIO comes with a 100% biodegradable lower ring.


We hope this has given you a better understanding of suitable products and how they can easily be a problem solver tool for planting projects with economical means. Explore the category page sidebar view for sub-categories under Revegetation and Planting.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products or need more information! We'd be happy to help out in any way we can.